299 yuan 1080P HD shock Haimei Di HD200B Reviews

At the end of the year, more and more business trips were being carried out. There was a portable high-definition machine that undoubtedly added a surprise to the white-collar family who worked efficiently and fashionably. Haimeidi's newly-listed HD200B is equipped with REALTEK's latest 1055 main control chip, which is a guarantee of high-quality audio and video and high compatibility. HD200B fully supports MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV9, VC1, H. 264 and other encoding formats, can achieve smooth playback of MKV, M2TS, TS, Blu-ray BDMV hard disk files and other formats, in addition to support DTS-HDMA, TRUEHD, LPCM next-generation high-definition audio, full HD video playback. The following Xiaobian brings us a detailed evaluation of Haimeidi HD200B.

Haimeidi HD200B HD player main parameters Model: HD200B
Price: 299 yuan [2010.12.10]
Video encoding format: H. 264, MPEG1/2/4 (DIVX), RM/RMVB, VC-1 and other output resolutions: 720P, 1080I, 1080P (1920×1080)
Video Encapsulation Format: TS/TP, MPG/MPEG, RM/RMVB, VOB, DAT, AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV,
M2TS, FLV, WMV and other audio package formats: MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, AC3, and other image formats: JPG, BMP,
Input Interface: Dual USB Interface Video Output: HDMI, AV, Component Output Audio Output: Supports Coaxial Audio Output External Subtitles: Supports multiple external subtitles, multi-track switching Other functions: Support for external USB storage, SD/MMC memory cards, etc. Equipment Product Accessories: Remote Control / Battery, Power Adapter, Product Warranty Card, Product Manual

Haimei Di HD200B HD machine played a low price of 299 yuan, although this player is very cheap but the performance is not ambiguous. The most popular high-definition playback format can be said to be BD ISO or Blu-ray original files, and HD 200B takes this into account at the beginning of design. HD200B has very good effect on Blu-ray navigation function, Blu-ray original disc, DVD ISO file playback.

Flex-rigid PCB    

Flex-rigid PCBs are Printed Circuit Boards highlighted by both rigid and flexible areas that make them ideally suited for a wide range of applications. The typical rigid-flex PCB circuit includes two or more conductive layers that comprise either flexible or rigid insulation material between each one - the outer layers may have either exposed pads or covers. Conductors are found on the rigid layers, while plated through-holes are found in both the rigid and flexible layers.

The Advantages of Flex-Rigid PCB Technology

While this type of flexible circuit may be more expensive to design and produce, it does offer a number of important advantages. For instance, the reduced size makes it easier to fit more components into a smaller space. This can actually help to lower overall system costs. Additionally, because they require the need for fewer interconnects and related parts and components, these Flexible Circuit Board can also prove to be more reliable and require less maintenance in the long run.

As with all types of flexible circuit boards, the flex-rigid PCB will perform well in even the harshest environments, especially those featuring extreme heat. A Rigid Flex board is also easy to test, making it well-suited for prototyping.

Flex-Rigid PCB Solutions of the Highest Quality

Currently, BentePCB has served companies in industries such as medical, telecommunications and manufacturing with our superior quality Flex-rigid PCB manufacturing services. We have an in-house quality control department to ensure your boards fabricated and assembled properly - we also guarantee the quality of all parts and components. Our engineers will even perform a Design for Manufacture (DFM)check at no additional charge.

Our experience and technical expertise enables us to develop custom flex-rigid PCBs for any specific applications. Here is our full feature flex-rigid PCB manufacturing capabilities:



Quality Grade

Standard IPC 2

Number of Layers

1 - 12layers

Build Time

2days - 30days


Felex:DuPont PI, Domestic Shengyi PI


Board Size

Min 6*6mm, Max 406*610mm

Board Thickness

0.2mm - 3.2mm

Finished board thickness tolerance

0.085mm≦board thickness<0.4mm


Outer Layer Base Copper Thickness

0.3oz - 1.0oz

Min Tracing/Spacing


Min. Annular Ring


Min. Drilling Hole Diameter


Min. hole size---Drilling


Min. finished via diameter


Tolerance of dimension

3mil(0.076 mm)

Solder Mask Sides

As per the file

Solder Mask Color

Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Solder-stop coating---Soldermask oil

Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow

Solder-stop coating---Coverlay

PI and PET film

Silkscreen Sides

As per the file

Silkscreen Color

White, Black, Yellow

Surface Finish


HASL - Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead Free HASL
ENIG - Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold

Flash Gold (Soft Gold)

Gold Plated

Immersion Silver

Immersion Tin

Other Techniques

Peelable solder mask 
Gold fingers 
Stiffener (only for PI/FR4 substrate)


About Us:

BentePCB is a professional PCB manufacturing which is focus on double side, multilayer, HDI PCB , rigid PCB and Flexible PCB mass production. The company was established on 2011.
We have two factories together, The factory in Shenzhen is specialized in small and middle volume orders and the factory in Jiangxi is for big volumn.

Why Us?

UL (E492586), ISO9001,  ISO14001, TS16949, RoHS certified.
Turnover USD 
10-50 million per year.
15,000 sqm area, 450 staff .
Mass Production from single to 
16 layers.
Special Material:
ROGERS, Arlon, Taconic.etc.
Huawei, SAMSUNG, Malata, Midea,Texas Instruments.etc.

Certification(UL:E492586, TS16949, ISO14001, ISO9001,RoHS):


Factory Tour:

PCB Manufacturer

PCB Factory

PCB Manufacturing


We Took part in the famous exhibitions over the past years,and got highly appreciation from the top experts,as well as cooperated tightly with them.



BentePCB offers flexible shipping methods for our customers, you may choose from one of the methods below.


Q1: What does BentePCB need for a customized PCB order?
A: The customers need to provide Gerber or pcb file.If you do not have the file in the correct format, you can send all the details related to the products.
Q2: What is your quotation policy?
A: For the PCB order in large quantity, BentePCB will send you the quotation based on the MOQ of the products concerned, and the price will be reasonable with good quality.
Q3: How long will you send us quotation ?
A: After all files were sent, 2 to 8 hours as per your file.
Q4:What is your minimum order quantity?
A:Our MOQ is 1 PCS.
Q5: How about the service BentePCB offered to the customers?
A: If you have any questions about our products or company, do not hesitate to send us your inquiry toour customer service representatives, Your satisfaction is our pursuits.

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We don`t just sell PCBs .We sell sleep.

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