Electric power equipment information program

The power system mainly includes power generation equipment and power supply equipment. The power generation equipment is mainly power station boilers, steam turbines, gas turbines, water turbines, generators, transformers, etc. The power supply equipment is mainly transmission lines with various voltage levels. , transformers, contactors, etc. The system was established with the goal of informatization of the marketing department. The first phase of the project was mainly aimed at solving problems in the marketing department's internal and external contacts, contract management, and online evaluation of contracts, and developed a salesperson web search platform, contract data management, online contract review, product information inquiry, shipping management, product invoices, and customers. Information and so on.

Companies that generally require steam turbines are mainly based on thermal power stations and thermal power stations, followed by pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, smelting, and petrochemical companies. At present, there are serious defects in the planned maintenance system that most of the power equipment in the power system adopts, such as frequent temporary maintenance, maintenance, insufficient maintenance, or excessive maintenance and blind maintenance, which has cost the countries around the world a huge amount of equipment maintenance every year. How to reasonably arrange maintenance of power equipment, save maintenance costs, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure high reliability of the system is an important issue for system operators.

After thorough investigation and comparison of various upgrade solutions, CRM won the recognition of Hart Electric with its flexible multi-regional and multi-functional matrix management support and powerful consulting and consulting capabilities. This time, Hart Electric will integrate its resources through the application of Ao Ting CRM solutions to optimize business processes and enhance its overall competitiveness and profitability.

With the application of sensing technology, microelectronics, computer software and hardware and digital signal processing technology, artificial neural network, expert system, fuzzy set theory and other integrated intelligent systems in condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, based on equipment condition monitoring and advanced diagnostic technology The state maintenance research has been developed and has become an important research area in the power system. “Professional Creates the Future” is the service concept of Harder Electric. The leadership fully understands the necessity of improving marketing service capabilities. Turbine is a power plant. Besides being used in thermal power plants and central heating stations, it is also used to drive other equipment such as large-scale ships, large-scale fans and pumps in iron and steel plants, and screw compressors in pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Air heater Heating Element

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