China's software companies set out to build an industrial park

“Originally, the amount of US Wealth’s business accounted for almost 100% of our company's total business volume. Today, the business of State Street’s business is still growing, but its total business volume has dropped to over 40%.” For the global financial crisis that has just passed, Xie Yu, the new vice president of Zhejiang University, slightly understated. "The crisis is an opportunity for us."

The global financial crisis in 2008 caused a major impact on the economy of our province. However, under the situation that traditional export enterprises have contracted, software service outsourcing has ushered in a new period of development. KPMG, China Gold and other institutions all believe that the Chinese service outsourcing industry is entering a 10-year golden period. Our province is also seizing this opportunity to vigorously develop software service outsourcing. Leading enterprises in the province, such as and Hang Seng Electronics, are gaining momentum.

Service outsourcing has become a new engine for transformation A few days ago, KPMG's “China Service Outsourcing Market Trend Survey” report estimated that the compound growth rate of China's software industry in the next five years will reach 17.2%, and the fastest growing will be the software outsourcing sub-sector. In 2012, the compound annual growth rate was about 30%, and the international transfer of software outsourcing business to China will further accelerate in the future. China's software outsourcing is in the early stage of the 10-year golden period and will become the most competitive country in global service outsourcing.

While economic development is in urgent need of seeking new sustainable growth points, software service outsourcing with high added value and low energy consumption has become a new engine for economic transformation. Analysts said that the rapid development of service outsourcing has played an important role in China's active response to the international financial crisis, and has become a new bright spot for China to transform its economic development mode, promote industrial restructuring and stabilize its external needs, and become a developing country to participate in international competition. Another important strategic choice for modernization.

Hangzhou's "delivery center" blueprint serves as the province's software outsourcing service center in Hangzhou. In 2009, it formulated the "Hangzhou Service Outsourcing Development Strategy and Industrial Planning" and clearly proposed to be an "internationally renowned financial service outsourcing delivery center." Hangzhou will use its obvious advantages in the software information industry and financial services industry, and focus on the outsourcing of financial services in the development of service outsourcing.

At present, Hangzhou has the basic conditions for becoming a central city for financial outsourcing delivery: the financial industry ranks fifth in the country; its performance in the financial crisis is unique, with deposits and loans exceeding RMB 1 trillion, accounting for more than 5% of GDP; owning Citibank , HSBC and many other foreign-funded financial institutions; Zhejiang University Netnews, Hang Seng Electronics and a number of influential service outsourcing companies are gaining momentum.

From January to May of this year, Hangzhou offshore service outsourcing amounted to US$446 million, an increase of 208%. The 13 companies engaged in offshore financial service outsourcing mostly own their own brands and contribute 20% of the total business outsourcing business.

Industrial Park Building Group Advantage Platform Software service industry is one of the key industries in Hangzhou, and the advantages of the industrial group are emerging.

As one of the 11 national software bases, the Hangzhou National Software Industry Base consists of seven sub- parks: Hangzhou Hi-tech Software Park, Zhejiang University New Software Park, North Software Park, Singapore Hangzhou Science and Technology Park, Eastern Software Park, and West Lake Digital Source Software. Park and Paradise Software Park. Among them, the new software park of Zheda Net, which is built by the software service enterprise itself, has become one of the most distinctive industrial parks.

Xie Yu, the new vice president of, said that two years ago,'s new investment in the construction of the software park was to integrate its resources and integrate into the global high-end business to achieve extraordinary development.

It is understood that since the software park opened in August 2008, it has settled in more than a dozen companies, mainly Netnews's companies, as well as new network customers. “With the park, first of all, the companies in the park can share a lot of packages. For example, we have a very advanced shared public service platform in our park, which is very difficult for a single company.” Xie Tao said that the biggest role of the software park is to build Nest cited phoenix and reserve talents. “Talent is the key to promoting the development of service outsourcing. Our software park is on the edge of Zijin Port of Zhejiang University. The purpose is to facilitate the reserve of talents.”

Gu Yuying, vice president of, who is in charge of international business, told reporters that now that the international giants have outsourced their business, they are sure to find a strong company. The establishment of the park has greatly enhanced the image of the company. “Foreigners like to see real things and tell them in no time how powerful we are. They are hard to believe. And we have such a large modern park that will allow many customers to deliver business to us very happily. Do it," said Gu Yingying.


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