The thinnest white blood apple MC505CH broken 7K again

Since its launch, the Apple Macbook Air 11 (MC505CH/A) has received a high degree of attention, and its price has gradually declined, resulting in higher price/performance ratio. It uses a precise Unibody integrated body design, the body and the outer screen are made of an aluminum alloy, making the sturdy body look more texture. This notebook inherited Apple's simple style, in addition to a clear eye-catching Apple Logo embedded in the center of the A surface, the other parts without any modification, fashion generous. In terms of configuration, the aircraft uses the Core SU9400 dual-core processor, comes standard with 2G memory and 64G SATA SSD, equipped with independent nVidia Geforce GT 320M graphics. Now the merchant's offer is 6999 yuan, a new low, interested friends come to understand below.

The design of this Apple laptop is known for its simplicity. In addition to the clearly visible Apple logo set on the center of the A-side, the rest of the parts are unadorned, and the aluminum case with soft body lines leads the trend. On the screen, this notebook uses a 16:9 LED screen with a 16:9 screen and a built-in camera at the top.

In terms of configuration, the Apple Macbook Air 11 (MC505CH/A) uses a Core Duo SU9400 processor with a low-power consumption of 1.4GHz and comes standard with 2G RAM and 64G SATA SSDs. The graphics card is equipped with nVidia Geforce GT 320M graphics card with 256M memory, and the whole performance is good. The notebook can achieve up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, and can maintain battery life up to 30 days in standby mode, saving energy.

Edit Comment: The new generation of Apple MacBook Air 11 (MC505CH / A) fuselage is thinner than ever, the low-power SU9400 dual-core processor with solid-state hard drive application makes the endurance capability improved. The selling price of 6999 yuan is very attractive for the newly-listed Apple laptop, and friends in need can purchase it.

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