The sensor monitoring bridge system is the first in the country

The sensors are used to collect the data during the operation of the bridge and the health status of the bridge structure is evaluated in real time. Recently, a sensor monitoring bridge system was formally applied to Jiangyin Chengnan overpass, setting a precedent for domestic bridge monitoring.

On the outside of a ramp below the Chengnan overpass in Jiangyin, the reporter saw sensors for collecting bridge data wrapped in tin boxes. Through the connection of data lines, the sensors are placed in the place where the bridge body protrudes, the side of the bridge body, and the bottom of the bridge body and are easily deformed and damaged. The bridge can be monitored in real time for various data such as displacement, acceleration, and elastic deformation. Any loss on the bridge body can be triggered by the sensor and the release of the "disease." The staff can open the computer to know where and which parts are out of order, and then "prescribe the right medicine." At present, more than 30 sensors have been installed on the main roads and ramps of Jiangyin-Chengnan overpass. It is expected that after the installation is complete, there will be about 1000 sensors distributed over the entire overpass. The use of the bridge will change the perception of the sensors. At a glance.

It is understood that sensor monitoring technology used for bridge maintenance was jointly developed by Japan’s Fujitsu and Japan’s NTT Corporation to help bridge maintenance and maintenance to achieve digital management. In order to better apply this technology to domestic bridges, Nanjing Fujitsu Nanda Software Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangyin Branch has introduced and improved this technology, and plans to use all the major bridges in Jiangyin in the future based on the successful investment of the Chengnan overpass. Promote the application.

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