Touch screen detonates explosive electronic components

From traditional to new styles, the strategic emerging industries took the lead to launch the concept of "Apple." Electronic components and parts, as an integral part of the development of various industries, gradually became the goal of market funds chasing, and they were the first to advance the concept of touch screens. Under the popular market, where is the next "touch" concept? The reporter interviewed several analysts yesterday.


Electronic components penetrate all areas

On October 10, the State Council officially promulgated the "Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industries." It plans to use 20 years to enable the overall innovation capability and industrial development of seven strategic emerging industries such as new-generation information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection. The level reached the world advanced.

Shaking Wanniantan in one fell swoop, major plates broke out one after another. Since 2009, the electronic sector has consistently outperformed the market, second only to biopharmaceuticals, and has become the second-largest player in all segments. Electronic components and components, as a supporting industry that penetrates many aspects of strategic emerging industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, biology, and new automobiles, have become an indispensable part of the structural transformation process.


Touch screen concept started first

Since the third quarter, the hot sales of iPad and iPhone products have directly contributed to the domestic "Apple" concept stocks, especially the domestic touch screen production leader Lei Bao Gao Ke, who has detonated this concept.

The market has been diving since November 12. The "Apple" concept stock has become the bookkeeper of the defensive hero list. After a short break, starting from November 17, the concept stocks headed by Yushun Electronics and Changxin Technology ignored the ambiguity of the market's forefront, and all the people rose to their feet and became the most powerful unit in the market. At this point, the market has been buzzing with buzz, speculation hot spots have shifted away from the energy and non-ferrous plates in the previous overall gains, and then turned to the rookie capital - electronic components.


The four functional units display their own powers

Huang Tingjun, senior analyst at Ping An Securities Financial Street Sales Department, believes that with the development of the domestic electronic information industry entering a new stage of pursuing energy conservation, convenience, and efficiency, the upgrading of electronic components is an inevitable choice. Here, investors can make investment choices based on functional units in the field of electronic components. Basically, they can be divided into sub-fields related to the concept of "Apple", environmental protection and energy conservation, LED lighting, and traditional components.

"Apple" concept

Touch screen long way to go

According to the research report of the Minsheng Securities Electronic Components Industry, the concept of “Apple” first drove the rapid development of the domestic touch screen industry. Touch screen technology with capacitive screens and medium-to-large-size dimensions will lead to a new round of industrial development. Although the market generally believes that the speculation of touch-screen enterprise-related stocks has reflected growth in performance, Minsheng believes that the penetration rate of touch screens in electronic devices is only about 20%-30%, and it is in the "Growth and Prosperity Phase I", and the distance is 60%. "Prosperity II" still has a lot of market space to tap. Therefore, Minsheng Securities believes that the touch screen industry still has a large investment opportunity. The individual stocks are still dominated by technology advantage stocks such as Lai Bao Gaoke, customer superiority ultrasound electronics and capacity advantage stocks Changxin Technology.

Huang Tingyi analyzed that in addition to the concept of "apple" detonating the touch screen, the concept of "Apple" is also a miniature motor, miniature projector, miniature speaker and other accessories involved in smart phones and tablet computers. It is also a cutting edge field in the future development of electronic components market. Related listed companies include Jinlong Electromechanical, Crystal Optoelectronics and Xinjialian.

energy saving

Give priority to IGBT manufacturers

According to Hu Xiaohui, chief strategist at Datong Securities, IGBTs (insulated gate bipolar transistors, commonly known as power devices) are the core electronic components in the field of energy saving and new energy, and they are used in many fields such as wind power generation, solar power generation, rail transit, and smart grids. All of them are involved, while the traditional demand areas such as consumer electronics, computers, and welding machines will also maintain stable demand growth. The market space in the future is very broad. It is expected that the market size will reach 6.02 billion yuan in 2011, and the growth rate will reach 30%.

At present, most of China’s IGBT market is occupied by foreign manufacturers, and there is ample room for import substitution. Therefore, those companies that have taken the lead in mastering related technologies or have already formed actual production capacity will have priority in the broad market of import substitution. Hu Xiaohui believes that stocks can give priority to China Microelectronics (China's largest power device manufacturing company, or will become the first IGBT chip manufacturing technology breakthroughs), Central shares (with Toshiba OEM orders to achieve IGBT technology breakthroughs, currently Started production of IGBT engineering tapes), Changjiang Electronics Technology (having IGBT packaging technology, holding subsidiaries are actively researching and developing IGBT products), and Kodak Co., Ltd. (achieving technological breakthroughs in IGBT backside manufacturing).

LED lighting

The next five years of gold development

Huang Tingyi said that from the light effect, LED lighting has already reached the standard of replacing traditional light sources. In the process of rapid decline in the price difference between LED lighting products and traditional lighting products, the penetration rate of LED lighting will rise rapidly and LED lighting will develop in the next five years. In the golden period, it is expected that the proportion of the global general lighting market will rise to 50% in 2015 and 80% in 2020.

Huang Tingxuan believes that although the market's currently more respected LED lighting concept stocks are mainly Foshan Lighting and Zhejiang Sunshine, but he is more optimistic about the integrity of the industry chain Fangda Group, the company has formed an epitaxial wafer from the LED, chip, package, The entire industry chain of phosphors to semiconductor lighting engineering application product development and manufacturing up to the end market is applied, and has a number of patents. Hu Xiaohui believes that in addition to the above few stocks, LED lighting can also pay attention to Sanan Optoelectronics, BDO Runda, Silan Micro and so on.

Traditional components

Opportunity cannot be overlooked

Huang Tingyun believes that in addition to the above-mentioned new fields of electronic components and new products, the technology has been relatively mature, the market is also relatively perfect development of the traditional electronic components in the field of investment opportunities can not be overlooked, such as capacitors, inductors, resistors and other traditional components Future development will extend in the depth direction.

For listed companies, Huang Tingyi recommended Farah Electronics and Sunlord Electronics. The former is the leading domestic capacitor subdivision industry. Based on the solid technical reserves of traditional film capacitors, it is actively expanding into the field of new energy capacitors. The growth of the latter is mainly due to chip inductors. It is planned to increase the stacking inductance capacity from the present date. 13 billion to only 20 billion, the downstream customers are mainly large companies such as Samsung, LG, etc. New production capacity digestion is not a problem, and it is expected that the compound inductor sales revenue growth rate will be over 20% in the next two years, which is higher than the industry's annual 10%. About the growth rate.

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