TSMC 12-inch wafer production capacity will increase by 30%

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC) said recently that with optimistic customer demand, next year will continue to increase capital expenditures. The 12-inch wafer production capacity will increase by more than 30% this year. In the long-term blueprint, it plans to build a new plant in 2015.

TSMC Chairman and Chief Executive Zhang Zhongmou stated that “even if we have done our best this year, we still cannot meet all customer needs.” However, for next year’s capital expenditures, he reiterated that it will have increased compared to this year, but did not disclose details.

He maintains industry forecast for the next year, that is, semiconductor industry sales will grow by 5% this year, the foundry industry will grow by 14%, and TSMC itself will grow by more than 14%.

Senior vice president of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Zuo Dachuan disclosed in the company's supply chain management forum that TSMC has planned to build 8-phase 12-inch fabs in Taiwan in the future, including the construction of a new plant in 2015, but no other details were provided.

TSMC is currently building a new 12-inch wafer plant will start production next year.

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