Makes enterprise software more attractive

Five laws that make corporate software more attractive December 20 International Report Although corporate software plays a very important role in modern life, most of them are boring. Because these projects are usually large and easy to fail, unable to easily break the screen and in the meaning of software updates, suppliers have lost the willingness to innovate. In order to make a good feeling back to business, the following are the five laws that make enterprise software more attractive:

1, functional and suitable for work: In the grassroots work, the basic function of the software is to allow users to successfully complete the task, if not even this point, then the software will lose its meaning.

2, covering the business process area: enterprise software should be able to automatically handle specific business processes, such as CRM, accounting and so on. Good enterprise software must provide comprehensive and automated process management.

3, excellent user interface: The best software is to allow users to quickly understand and get started, and easy to import. If this requirement cannot be met, then this software is not attractive.

4, feel good magic: Do not ignore the impact of feeling, this is another measure of whether the user is satisfied with the indicators. In the case of failure, the score for feeling good is 0.

5, fierce competition: Innovation requires competition and demand to stimulate. Without competitive pressure, it is impossible to design attractive enterprise software.

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