LED lights into the market mainstream price, quality issues continue to be regulated

According to the roadmap for the elimination of incandescent lamps issued by the state, by October 1 next year, China will completely ban the sale and import of incandescent lamps for general lighting of 15 watts and above. It has been observed that incandescent lamps have basically withdrawn from the market, and energy-saving lamps that have been vigorously promoted are gradually being phased out, and LED lamps have become the mainstream in the market. However, due to the lack of relevant national standards for LED lamps, problems such as chaotic product prices and uneven quality have emerged.

Energy-saving lamps face the elimination of LED lights into the mainstream

Recently, Fang Mingkang, who lives in Quanyuan Community, Duohu Street, Jindong District, is planning to change new lamps because of the aging of the lamps in his living room. "Now I am using energy-saving lamps. I went to the lighting market yesterday and found that there are very few energy-saving lamps on the market." Fang Mingkang finally bought an LED light.

On the afternoon of September 7, the reporter came to the Zhejiang building materials market, and all the lighting stores had LED lights for sale. Zhao Huasheng, the owner of a lighting store, said: "There are fewer people buying energy-saving lamps now. Many young people buy LED lights when they decorate new homes."

"The brightness of LED lights is more than twice that of energy-saving lamps." For the reason that LED lamps have been sought after by the market in recent years, Zhao Huasheng explained that although the price of LED lamps is slightly higher than that of energy-saving lamps, the light generated by energy-saving lamps has stroboscopic, high-frequency. Flashing energy-saving lamps also generate electromagnetic radiation, which can cause damage to the eyes for a long time. "And LED lamps use the electronic effect of semiconductors to emit light, which is a low-voltage DC constant current source of light-emitting devices."

"LED performance and safety are better than energy-saving lamps. In addition, energy-saving lamps are also subject to mercury-free pollution, which is a matter of day and night. LED materials are mainly silicon wafers, and there are no environmental problems. Zhao Huasheng said.

Zhao Huasheng calculated an account: a 40W incandescent lamp consumes 0.03652 kWh per hour, a 10W energy-saving lamp consumes 0.00814 kWh per hour, and a 5W LED lamp consumes 0.00704 kWh per hour. "Assume that ordinary households turn on lights for 6 hours per day, 0.6 yuan per kWh. The annual electricity bill for a 40W incandescent lamp is 47.98 yuan, and the annual electricity fee for a 10W energy-saving lamp is 10.69 yuan. The annual electricity bill for 5W LED lights is 9.25 yuan. Obviously, the use of incandescent lamps is the least economical. LED lamps are more expensive than energy-saving lamps, but electricity is cheaper," he said.

Among the customers who came to buy lamps, the customers who asked for LED lights accounted for the vast majority. One customer said: "The LED lamp is more expensive than the energy-saving lamp, but it takes a long time to save a lot of electricity bills, which is quite cost-effective."

Chen Hongda, deputy director of the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that if 50% of China's light sources are replaced by LEDs, it will achieve an annual power saving of 210 billion kWh, equivalent to the construction of 2.5 Three Gorges Project. At the same time, LEDs have incomparable advantages in terms of life and application flexibility.

LED lights lack national standard market to be standardized

In the Zhejiang building materials market, Mr. Liu, who came to buy lamps, said: “The home has always used energy-saving lamps, but I feel that the energy-saving lamps have a short life span. It will be broken in less than two years, so I want to change the LED lights. After the price, I found that the prices vary greatly, and I don’t know what to buy.” The price of LED lights on the market is very different. For example, the price of LED lamps such as Philips and Panasonic is between 80 and 150 yuan. Some unknown LED lights are less than 50 yuan.

“Why are the LED lamps so different in price?” “We have imported and domestic lamps, the import price is more expensive, and the domestic ones are relatively cheaper.” When the reporter questioned the price of the LED lamp, one of the salesmen of the lighting store was like this. Reply.

Is the LED light on the market as the salesperson said "a penny and a share"? The reporter learned from the relevant departments that at present, China has not issued a national standard for LED lights. Most of the LED lights on the market are in accordance with enterprises. The quality of the self-standard production, the quality is not uniform, consumers are generally difficult to understand the "doorway."

The same is the LED light, what factors affect its price? In this regard, an industry insider explained that the factors affecting the price of LED lamps include chips, packaging, heat dissipation methods, heat dissipation materials, appearance and other aspects, only the chip is divided into several Levels.

The industry further explained that an LED lamp usually includes three parts: a lamp bead, a casing, and a driver. Take an LED spotlight with a rated power of 3W as an example. It consists of 3 lamp beads, 1 casing and 1 drive. It is calculated according to the production cost of the mid-range product. The cost of the lamp bead is 2 yuan and the outer casing is 3 yuan. The drive is 2.8 yuan, the labor cost is 1 yuan, the packaging cost is 0.5 yuan, and the other cost is 1 yuan. In this way, the total cost of this lamp is 10.3 yuan. In addition, the profit to be earned by the merchant, the rental cost of the warehouse, the transportation cost, etc., the price of this lamp must be at least 20 yuan. Therefore, the quality of LED lights that sell for only $10 or less can be imagined.

In addition, some merchants dare to sell very cheap LED lights because of the use of inferior materials, taking the lamp beads as an example, a low-quality 1W domestic lamp beads in the market, the lowest price is only 0.2 yuan, this kind of lamp The gold wire in the beads was replaced by copper wire, and other materials used were mostly inferior products. For these, the consumer is only difficult to discern from the appearance of the lamp. Therefore, he reminded consumers not to buy LED lights that are too low in price to avoid problems during use and damage to themselves and their families.

“The LED lights in the store look brighter, while others are darker. What is the reason? At the same time, there are LED lights of various colors. Which color of light does not harm the eyesight?” Ms. Yu Yu When the salesperson asked these questions, the salesperson at the lighting store could not answer.

Experts recommend students to use LED lights

Experts said that although the overall price of the various lamps is similar, it is recommended that the students' desk lamps use LED lighting. Experts explained that incandescent lamps emit light through the thermal effect of tungsten filaments. The working principle of energy-saving lamps is the same as that of fluorescent lamps. The electrons emitted by the heating filaments collide with argon atoms and mercury atoms to emit ultraviolet rays, and then the ultraviolet rays excite the phosphors to emit light. Therefore, the light generated by the energy-saving lamp has a stroboscopic light, and the high-frequency flashing energy-saving lamp also generates electromagnetic radiation, which may cause damage to the child's eyes for a long time.

The LED lamp is a low-voltage DC constant current source light-emitting device that uses semiconductor electronic effect light. Therefore, there are no problems such as stroboscopic and electromagnetic radiation of the energy-saving lamp. Therefore, it is recommended that the student desk lamp be illuminated by LED light.

LED lights are generally divided into white light and yellow light, and consumers can purchase them as needed. LED lamps have different light sources and different illuminating colors. This is due to the different light effects and color temperatures of the light source. Some small manufacturers make the color temperature higher in order to make the lamp look brighter, but it is easy to damage the eyesight in this environment for a long time. At the time of purchase, the consumer can extend the palm of his hand to the side of the light source, and the color of the palm is rosy, indicating that the color temperature is just right and the color rendering is good. If the palm is blue or purple, the color temperature is too high and should not be purchased.

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