The General Bureau convenes the OTT Licensing Agency to regulate the operation and strict inspection

It is reported that at this communication meeting, the General Administration of Administration of the People's Republic of China requested the licensees to further strengthen the standard management of the content, business and other aspects of the existing cooperative Internet TV terminals (including all-in-one computers) in accordance with the relevant requirements of Circular 181, especially Acts involving copyright and serious violations of the management requirements of Circular 181 must be cleared internally. Otherwise it will be dealt with seriously.

Since the 2013 national launch of Jian Wang, the Internet's network infringement management has gradually extended from content management to terminal-based carrier management. The Internet TV has become the key management target of the Jianwang operations in recent years because of its open platform, high communication influence and wide coverage of terminals. It is reported that in the second half of this year, there will be joint ministries and commissions such as the Public Security Bureau, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, and the General Administration of Administration of China, which will strictly investigate and punish violations and illegal acts of Internet TV.

According to informed sources, this brief communication session is also based on this background for advance self-examination. In the future, the management of Internet TV will become more rigorous, and behind it is not only the requirements of SARFT, but also the will of national information security.

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