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As an active nascent market, the Internet TV industry has become an arena for a variety of excellent marketing tools. Today, "pre-sale + sale" is also a common marketing tool for emerging Internet TV manufacturers. For Internet companies, it is the lack of an independent industrial foundation. Basically, it does not have the control of the upstream and downstream industries, and has many limitations in terms of production capacity. Therefore, hunger marketing is a last resort. On the contrary, the veteran TV companies have strong upstream and downstream control capabilities, so there is no need to use the sold-out approach to cover the issue of capacity constraints.

In addition to the enthusiasm of a large amount of rice flour, the launch of Xiaomi TV 2 has brought about a lot of public opinion on the issue. Even so far, some rice flour has been converted into rice due to frequent “sold out”. black. Xiaobian had to think of a question, "If the price of millet rises, can we still retain rice flour?" And for "price and content", who is the consumer is most concerned about, but also an intriguing question.

In almost the same period, Skyworth has also released a cool-TV dream version of the super-cost-effective TV, its configuration content is not compared with the millet TV 2, just under the same conditions belonging to the 49-inch 4K smart TV, Skyworth Cool This dream TV49U2 is a full 500 yuan less than the millet's 3999. Now let's compare the parameters of the two TVs:

Comparison of Xiaomi TV 2 and CoolTV 49U2 parameters:

In terms of smart configuration, the two TVs also use the quad-core Cortex A9, quad-core Mali450 MP4, 2GB dual-channel DDR3, and 8GB eMMC high-speed flash memory. In addition to a USB3.0 TV interface more than a millet TV, the other is similar.

Xiao Bian believes that regardless of the rapid development of television intelligence, television screens are the essence of a television. In the screen configuration, the configuration of Xiaomi TV 2 describes LG/Huaxing Optoelectronics 4K and 3D. Among the entire TV configuration list, the largest one belongs to the audio equipment. Compared to Skyworth TV, it is possible to clearly understand the basic parameters of a TV from the TV configuration list: Coo UI 1.1 system UI, 16:9 screen ratio, LGD IPS 4K screen, 3D Blu-ray decoding, 2D/3D smart conversion. From this point of view alone, Xiaomi is indeed a feeling of some laymen. For the selection and processing of TV screens, Xiaomi’s experience is difficult to compare with the old Skyworth brand that has been operating in the TV industry.

In addition, Xiaomi compared to the old TV manufacturers, whether it is after-sales, production capacity, supply chain and other elements are relatively weak. For Xiaomi TV 2 product warranty information, Xiao Bian can not get.

From forced “hunger marketing” alone, the release of Cool Open does not need to consider a problem similar to Xiaomi’s lack of capacity. And just from the product point of view, Skyworth Cool open this dream version of the TV49U2 cost-effective is a lot higher than millet, the light price is a full 500 yuan a whole lower.

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