Answer: Six general puzzles about 4G

On February 28, China Unicom and China Telecom officially obtained the FDD 4G license yesterday. In 2014, 4G was officially commercialized in China, and many people also used 4G mobile phones. But about 4G, do you really understand? Here are 6 "secrets" about 4G that you should know.

The theoretical 4G rate is different from the actual use.

Before the media reported that the 4G network is fast, often give an example, download a high-definition movie in 4G network within 2 minutes.

In theory, there is no problem with the 4G downlink rate reaching 100M or more. However, this is theoretical data and is implemented in the case where a single terminal is not commercially available to a large number of users.

Once the 4G network provides services for large-scale users, because the 4G network is built with multi-band and the network environment is complex, these will affect the 4G rate. This theoretical limit is almost impossible to achieve unless the 4G base station is used by only one user.

4G network speed may be different in different periods

Although the 4G network speed in each place is different, even the difference between speed and speed is very different, but don't think that this is an inherent difference in the construction of base stations. The actual situation is likely to be more places with slower Internet speeds and faster speeds. Almost no one used.

In the early stage of commercial use, the network speed should be ideal, because there are not many people using it; and as time goes by, the network speed may experience shocks, because there are more people accessing this time, and the base station construction has not yet Keep up with; but with the large-scale growth of users, operators will adopt capacity expansion. When this period is reached, the network speed will rise steadily, because the number of users and the network speed are relatively stable at this time.

Does the subway and station have no 4G signal?

If you are taking the subway or office in the city center, what is the signal?

One situation may be that there are too many people around, and the instantaneous traffic request is very large, causing you to be "squeezed out".

The other situation is that there is really no signal. The mobile phone shows 3G or even 2G, so it is likely that the base station around you has not upgraded to 4G.

4G network next cell signal is also very fast

In fact, under the 4G network, the signal strength indicated on the mobile phone has lost its meaning. Although we can say that the full grid signal will definitely be faster than the one-frame signal, but there is no strict number of points, it is very inaccurate to estimate the network speed based on the signal strength on the mobile phone, and how to mark it in the 4G era. Signal strength and network speed are an issue that operators should consider.

Since you don't change the number with 4G, why do you want to change the card?

Why do I need to change my card to use 4G? For ordinary users, the role of the SIM card seems to be in addition to storing the phone and text messages (phones and text messages are rarely in the SIM card), it is difficult to come up with any use.

A closer look at the replaced USIM card reveals that the area of ​​the chip is larger. In fact, the important role of the SIM card is identity recognition, so it is necessary to have an encryption function to ensure that identity privacy is not stolen. In the 4G era, the USIM card is responsible for a higher level of encryption, which means that the security is stronger and more difficult to crack.

The best way to reflect the 4G advantage is to watch the live broadcast.

Many people will think that the killer application in the 4G era is online video. In fact, for online video, the network speed can be viewed as long as it is maintained at 1.6-2.4 Mbps, which can be solved in the 3G era.

The big advantage of 4G is to watch the live broadcast. The live broadcast application requires 48 Mbps of bandwidth. Currently, only 4G network speed can be satisfied. It is essentially different from online video. Therefore, the most important application scenario in the 4G era should be live broadcast.

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