Upgrade energy-efficient LED efficient lighting to help the Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs

The National Basketball Association's (NBA) Cleveland Cavaliers are hot, they have recently upgraded their home lighting, and new high-efficiency LED lights provide a more stable and energy-efficient bright environment for players facing the playoffs. Can be more stable.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have now completed the lighting renovation of the main training hall. The old metal halide lamps not only reacted more slowly, but also did not perform well in terms of energy consumption, while the upgraded LED lamps had longer life and better performance. Controllability and greatly reduced maintenance frequency also allow players to train with peace of mind.

David Painter, senior manager of the training team, said: "The replacement of burnt metal halide lamps was a problem that could not be ignored, especially when replacing a 50-foot (15.24 m) high roof bulb. The LED light does not have the problem of replacing the ballast or the bulb, which is what I am most satisfied with."

In addition to the training hall, the Cavaliers also upgraded the lighting of the locker room and the gym. The new LED lights provide good lighting, while the low-calorie lights provide long-term illumination. For the Cavaliers, some air conditioners can be saved. The cost of electricity.

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