In-depth analysis: How to do LED lighting design in the park night scene?

The parks and squares are full of trees and green grass, which is an important place for residents to relax, entertain and exercise. So, what should be paid attention to when lighting and lighting projects design lighting green spaces and trees in parks and squares? How to use the art of light and light to create the perfect landscape lighting is worthy of every designer to think deeply.

First, the park night scene lighting design should meet the following requirements:

1. According to the function type of the park, the surrounding landscape environment, the theme style and the use of night lighting, determine the illumination level of the park and choose the appropriate lighting design method;

2. The impact of spillage light on passers-by, the surrounding environment and the garden ecology should be avoided;

3. The illuminance standard value of the public activity area of ​​the park shall comply with the provisions of Table 1.1.

Second, the park tree lighting design should meet the following lighting requirements:

1. The lighting of trees should carefully select the appropriate illumination method and the location where the lighting fixtures are installed; try to avoid excessively long lighting and installation of lighting fixtures to have a corresponding impact on the movement and plant growth; do not cope with the ancient (Guangzhou Hongshuo Lighting) Design and organize) precious trees such as trees for close-up lighting;

2. When lighting, it is necessary to consider the influence of leaf shape and characteristics and color of deciduous trees, evergreen trees and seasonal variation factors on tree lighting, determine the illumination level of trees and select the color table of the illumination source;

3, try to avoid glare in the angle of view of passers-by or a certain light pollution to the environment.

Third, the park flower bed and green space lighting design should meet the following requirements:

1. The flower bed should adopt a top-down lighting design to highlight the flower itself;

2, lighting fixtures should be considered as an element of the landscape, and should avoid the influence of landscape lighting due to the setting of lighting fixtures;

3. The lighting of the lawn should consider the impact on the activities of the people in the park. The light should be irradiated from the top to the bottom, and the light pollution caused by the overflow light to the environment and people should be avoided;

4. The minimum illumination of ornamental green space lighting in the park should not be lower than 2lx;

5. Try to avoid the influence of overflow light on the viewing of the landscape or the surrounding environment.

Fourth, the park waterscape lighting design should meet the following requirements:

1. Illumination light source, lamps and their electrical accessories must comply with the protection and safety requirements for water use as specified in Appendix C of this code, and should be easy to maintain and manage;

2, waterscape lighting fixtures should be concealed in combination with the landscape requirements, should take into account the appearance of protective measures when no water and winter ice;

3, the illumination of the fountain lighting should consider the ambient brightness and the shape and height of the water spray;

4. Functional lighting should be set around the waterscape to prevent the viewfinder from accidentally falling into the water;

5. According to the shape of the waterscape and the reflection of the water surface, choose the appropriate lighting method.

5. Functional lighting and signage lighting shall be provided for the public facilities, entrances and indication signs of the park.

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