Green Energy Marketing Conference: Fully Sailing the Year of Opportunity

Jiangmen in March is full of spring. On March 2, 2015, LUNO Green Energy Lighting held a two-day marketing elite meeting at Shanghai Luyuan Jiangmen Base. Chen Chuan, President of Shanghai Luyuan Group, Luo Quanxing, Executive Vice President, Li Song, Manager of Home Business Department, and Liu Quanxiong, Manager of Electric Power Division Longwei, the marketing director, and the marketing elites from the four major districts, summed up the achievements in 2014 and discussed the development plan for 2015.

At the meeting, Chen Chuan, the president of the group, delivered a speech first. Mr. Chen reviewed the development history and results of the LUNO green energy lighting in 2014, and analyzed in depth the changes in product line sales brought about by the LED transformation. Looking forward to the future of the industry, Mr. Chen believes that the Internet, the Internet of Things, and O2O have become the “troika” that affects the LED lighting industry. Based on the three major elements, Mr. Chen elaborated on the current development of LUNO Green Energy Lighting and explained the green enterprise's business plan for the next five years.

In the subsequent summary of marketing elites, the four regional directors and marketing elites made a detailed summary of the business of the region over the past year, and made work on market development, customer maintenance, image store construction, etc. in 2015. plan. Marketing Director Long Wei sincerely thanked all the marketing staff for their diligent efforts, analyzed the overall lighting market in 2014 and the impact of the price war, fully affirmed the development strategy of LUNO Green Energy Lighting. He broke down the work goals of the new year and asked marketers to be the central link for vendor communication to achieve the 2015 marketing goals;

Luo Quanxing, executive vice president, gave a speech on brand management and channel construction. Luo pointed out that in 2015 LED lighting will continue to triumph, industry optimization and integration is more intense, but brand companies will usher in a year full of opportunities. LUNO Green Energy Lighting will adhere to the 19-year high-quality brand tradition, carry forward the past, and seize the “Year of Opportunity” to fully implement the “One City, One Store” and occupy the channel goal of the professional market;

Li Song, manager of the home business department, gave a speech on the improvement of the channel structure and the creation of the strong product “Jianya” series. Liu Quanxiong, manager of the electrician business department, gave a lecture on the new electrician “Dream” series and the knowledge of electrician products. LED research and development Yu Yongkang, an engineer, gave a systematic LED knowledge to all marketers.

After the meeting, President Chen Chuan commended the excellent staff of the marketing system. All the marketing staff also visited the LUNGO Green Energy Lighting Jiangmen Image Exhibition Hall and the “Jane” Modern Home Experience Hall. At this point, the meeting ended successfully.

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