Ahead! 58" 4K TV for only 2999 yuan

It has to be said that wherever internet companies go, they are baptized! As smart phones do, smart TVs have not been able to escape “bad luck.” Of course, this “bad luck” is for traditional manufacturers...

The cost-effective products brought by Internet companies' participation are undoubtedly a good thing for users. Recently, the opening of 17 million people's carnival was really shocking once, and many of the products were low in price so that they could make a profit.

The first to enter is the Kukai 58U1, which is a 58-inch 4K large content TV. It was designed by Kuokai iF and the red dot award-winning team. It created the “transparent sunroof” for television for the first time. The visibility of the construction of the TV main board is quite recognizable and reflects the extremely high confidence in the product. Hardware, 58U1 uses LG's 4K hard screen, equipped with a 10-core processor chip, in addition to providing excellent picture quality, but also has a very fast response speed. Such a TV will drop by 2,300 yuan on the 829 Fan Festival. The original price is 5,299 yuan. Now it only costs 2,999 yuan.

(Cool Kai 58U1 discount rate exceeding 2000 yuan)
This fan festival, in addition to the classic 58U1 product, cool open its several popular products also to participate in the fan festival, such as the popular product cool open KX55 and explosive new cool open 55A2. These two products, Cool Open KX55 is known as the king of the annual price, which also shows that its outstanding cost-effective access to the user's unanimously approved, and in this fan festival, KX55 will drop 600, only need 2399 yuan, Pull the price/performance ratio to invincibility once more. Another product, Coolo 55A2, is a new product recently launched by Coolo. It is the second product of the Coolo A2 series, and also a sister model of the explosives Coolo 50A2.

(Cool Kai 55A2 will start on the fan festival, and can use 500 yuan red envelope subsidies)
Now, 55A2 cool new open will usher in the first sale, this time to buy can enjoy 500 yuan red envelope subsidies, so that this product instantly become more value.

Cool Open, as an Internet TV manufacturer, held 728 good hardware exposure products and 818 large-capacity 4K TV products in this summer's summer vacation, and brought real benefits and non-discounted benefits to the users in these two events. Among them, 728 good hardware exposure products made daily sales exceeded the 100 million mark and reached 130 million. Now, after many days of brewing, Kuangkai 829 Fandom finally ushered in the scene. This event is also the third event of this summer's summer vacation. In this fan festival, Cool Open will prepare multiple gifts and multiple benefits for the fans. This will be a big day for the majority of fans.

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