Make people in need - Glory Route Pro Game Edition


First of all to be happy, finally got the first test.

When we consider what kind of router to buy, we will consider many issues, hardware performance, physical network port speed, wireless speed, price, functionality, stability, and so on. For me personally, the most basic thing of the router is stable, able to run on its own, will not be easy to high temperatures, do not need to restart after a period of time, do not need to manually add some external fans, which should be the most basic. If you can't work steadily, then no matter how many features are not my favorite router. On the basis of stability, the higher the speed, the more functions and the more suitable for others, the better.

The content of this test is as follows:

1, appearance;

2, mobile phone and computer interface;

3, speed and stability in home environment;

4, game acceleration;

Miscellaneous and summary.

Well, officially began.

First, appearance:

The first time I received the aunt's value, of course, show tape first.

The box was crushed by a corner and it looks like there should be no problem.

Open is this content.

Take a tower.

Then show each side. Texture is good, the above seam should be cooling, not work.

Followed by the power, uplink port, 2 game ports, 2 common ports, 1 2.0USB port. The four downstream ports are all Gigabit. It should be said that it is mainstream.

The whole box is the only Hi this is bright, and can turn off the lights, suitable for the bedroom.

Very characteristic top cover, when you look at it, you know it.

Compared with Xiaomixiaoxiao, we know the size. All are square, look more lovable.

This is what it looks like when it is installed. Maybe someone will ask, the router is in the bedroom. How can other equipment be connected? I wrote in front of an original, this place is put two network cable, look at the left of the picture is an AP panel, the right is a network port, use these two network cable, Glory Pro can be an uplink to the light cat, A switch down to the weak box (the original NR255 was used as a switch). The bright white light of Hi shows that everything is fine. During the renovation, the problem of AP coverage was considered, and the use of wall-mounted ones was found. Then, it was found that the pits were not fast enough, the stability was not enough, and the heat dissipation was not good, so they were basically idle.

Second, the interface:

2.1, mobile interface

Each page is like a description, probably introduced. In some places I think I can be better, I will say more.

After entering the APP is this page, the following two screens, simple and real, or good. The first half is the traffic situation, only looks like a few minutes. It feels like this can be made into professional network management. The optional time granularity display can be divided into 5 minutes and 10 minutes. This function does not cost any computing power. The network management system with a slightly more professional point has. Log on the U disk no problem.

Guest wifi is on the second screen, this is still a bit useful. The guest WiFi password cannot be the same as other WiFi passwords. This setting is still available. The newwifi password used previously can be the same, too lazy to be the same, or not very secure.

The game speeds up in the first screen, and the network bandwidth can be tested by the router itself and is not the same as the actual one. Downloading the update package is still useful. It has already been downloaded when testing.

Wifi mode can be set in three modes, I generally is the standard, tested the signal through the wall mode, said below.

There is a setting item in the upper right corner of the screen. Turning off the light is here.

Most of the things on the phone can be configured, including switching lights, game acceleration, and viewing online devices. However, individuals hope to add a function to bind IP and MAC at the bottom of the user's key. As home routers and computers, these are fixed, and simply binding IP and MAC is actually a good function. The biggest advantage of fixed IP is not to find a neighbor on the Internet, direct IP to facilitate easy ah.

2.2, web interface

This part is also part of the selection page I have a language page, if I ask the old comments will not affect the future application.

I accidentally used it for 5 days. Although it did not matter what it took to restart for 5 days, the shell temperature was not high from now, and the hand touched the tepid temperature, so the operation was very stable. The home millet box is basically open from morning to night, so it can be so stable or very satisfying.

The user should add a binding IP and MAC here. It is troublesome to bind IP and MAC manually. Another thing is that if a physical port is connected to a switch, all devices under this switch will display the same speed of the port. There is really no way to do this thing, and the same is true at the carrier level.

VPN this thing does not even have a server version, only the client, this is a bit inadequate, as a home gateway, to come back from the external network VPN is actually a great use, so I still only the VPN port transferred to the NAS, NAS as VPN server. However, many of the original versions of the routers at this price point do not have the VPN server function. Therefore, we cannot say that we are not good enough. We can only say that we have done enough.

UPNP this is also more depressing these days, QNAP NAS can not be compatible with the router's UNAP, I upgraded the version from 4.2.1 to 4.2.2 or not, NAS has said that can not find UPAP router, so you have to do it yourself NAT. The DMZ also did not work. We haven't had time to study why. We can talk about what we know. The old NR255 has no problem.

There is only one option for DDNS. It is estimated that there is cooperation because adding other websites will not increase the cost.

File sharing is a feature that today's routers will have, but the biggest problem is USB 2.0, so don't pay attention to the speed. With Thunder download, no NAS can also be downloaded remotely.

This debugging is an interesting feature, in fact, is to capture the package function, do not have to use computer to capture the package. The packet capture data that the router sends to the computer is also captured with this packet capture. If you can capture the data on the USB inside just fine.

Third, speed and stability in home environment

Here originally wanted to test the full speed of the wifi, and later found that the family environment test is really too young, the following look at the test speed to know.

The home is a 100 square flat, relatively rectangular shape. Select 3 points to do the test, the router is placed in the master bedroom, the first point chosen is in the master bedroom, 2 meters from the router; the second point is in the living room, about 7 meters from the router, and two walls (non-bearing walls, spacing One room), the third point is at the gate, this one is far away, diagonally across the house, one room apart, one bathroom, and then through the restaurant.

3.1, first test Gigabit physical port:

This is from the NAS copy to the desktop computer XPS420, the speed of direct NR255 exchange, as a reference point.

This is the speed at which the laptop is connected to the game port and the NAS. The speed of the next file and the next two files from the NAS is still in line with expectations.

Downloading files from NAS and XPS420 respectively shows that the speed is a bit higher. It should be said that there is a gap between this speed and the theoretical Gigabit speed. However, there are many factors to consider in actual speed. 90MB/s should be said to be relatively normal. The speed is up.

Then use the ordinary port to test the copy speed again. Copy a file and two files from the NAS. This is exactly the same as using the game port, so everyone can use 4 downstream ports.

3.2, wifi standard mode:

3-point signal strength in standard mode, speed:

The first point:

The 2G signal has a speed of only 355KB. Ah, trying many times is such a point, but seeing the 42 APs in the first picture, the channel conflict is a mess. Only it will be. Under the 5G signal is 8.3MB speed, because this speed is actually the wireless network card and the router negotiate the speed of the notebook, then there are wireless signal conflicts and other environmental factors, the theoretical speed is always just theoretical ah. If you use a real-time speed test, there will actually be a small instantaneous break to nearly 300Mb/s, but this really does not make sense. From here it can be seen, if you need a stable high-speed, network cable is essential, wireless is not very reliable.

The second point:

The signal at the second point has dropped a lot, the speed of 2G has not changed, and the speed of 5G has dropped by half. The wifi signal of the notebook shows 2G or full grid, 5G only has 3 grids.

The third point:

The third point of the 2G speed is still the same, 5G is only one, the speed is appalling, there are occasional speed 0, but most of the time is still higher than 2G, so can only say that instability.

From the perspective of these three points, it is actually feasible that 2G signals cover houses with twice the level of 100. In the case of low signals, the speed can still be stable. This is a better situation. 5G signal is still problematic in coverage, especially in the case of low signal, the speed is very unstable, but when the signal is good, it is really good, the two small boxes of the home use 5G access, other mobile phones With 2G access, it is convenient.

Then I looked at this and I thought I could wake up the students who want to use wireless to build a high-speed home network. The speed of wireless is subject to many physical hardware and environmental factors. Theoretical high speed really is only theoretical. The network cable is still the first choice for stability and speed.

3.3, through the wall mode:

The wall pass mode is to see the signal strength of the next three points, and the normal mode can be compared.

The first point:

The second point:

The third point:

If compared with the normal mode, 2G and 5G signals are much higher, and they really have effect on the wall.

Fourth, game acceleration:

If it is an ordinary router, this router actually meets my requirements, and the stability is not hot. After turning off the HI lights, it works silently, without bothering me. I set up in the background to set up and did not strike. But since the main game that has played TGP has accelerated, then test the content of the game.

This part is mainly two things, one is the acceleration ability of the game, and the other is how to speed up without responsibility.

4.1, game acceleration capabilities:

Since this router is integrated with the functions of the TGP, the content integrated with the router can be seen on the computer's TGP software, such as turning off the game acceleration on the router, then the settings on the TGP software are as follows.

If game acceleration is turned on at the router, then that is what TGP software does.

This time select the most downloaded League of Legends under the TGP to test, because I am in Chongqing Telecom, so choose a telecommunications node, 3 Netcom nodes and 1 education network node, respectively, to start the game to accelerate and close the game to accelerate the delay In the situation, each node enters twice, the delay is basically the same, and the difference is smaller. Here is no screenshot, use the table to express:

Aunt’s icon covered a bit of data again. The latency of telecommunications nodes is the same. The delay of educational network is 62 and 66. Compared to the above, if the router is enabled to accelerate and not to accelerate, the effect is half, and whether the router starts the game to accelerate the delay is not an immediate effect. of.

Why is there such a situation, then where is the significance of my test? Then continue to study the acceleration of the next TGP.

4.2 Irresponsible Imagination.

Since I am not working on this kind of analysis, I am only irresponsible. First of all, there are many masters and do not shoot me.

Originally, I thought that the router was responsible for the acceleration of the extranet, then we must consider the factors of the extranet, so I thought a lot.

Regarding the acceleration of the game, the network is internally QOS, and the outside is an agent or a VPN. As an inter-operator acceleration, the QOS of the router is definitely not useful; the VPN will direct all the traffic to the VPN server, so it is estimated that the router will not do so, or the traffic of the IDC node of Tencent will not be able to cover the traffic. Proxy should be used to forward the game's data packets to the proxy server. To confirm this is still relatively simple, we will trace the IP of an external network when the router turns on and off the game acceleration. If the path is the same, then it is definitely not a VPN.

Turning on the game acceleration and closing the game acceleration traces and the result is the same.

Remember the first part I said this router has an interesting function, called debugging, will catch packets. Then start looking at the package and see how the data is transmitted when the computer starts the game.

First turn off the router's game acceleration function. The computer ( logs on to Netcom to twist the jungle server and start capturing packets. After grabbing the filter only this IP related.

Of course, this is only a very small part, indicating that I really have a packet. I logged into the game server of China Netcom, and got a thing first from the telecom IP address of Nanjing Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangzhou, etc., and finally contacted the telecommunications IP of Shaanxi and Guangzhou. So what is this doing? Look at the first picture of 4.1. Even if the router has turned off the acceleration function, TGP's software has its own intelligent acceleration function. It is estimated that the TGP software itself acts as a proxy to control the packet forwarding of the game.

Then the router turns on the game acceleration and catches the packet again.

It is running a few telecommunications points to get a look, then the most data packets are Tianjin Telecom and Guangzhou Telecom. If you look at this way, the router switches the game function. The TGP software does the same thing, but the selected node will have a little difference.

Well, when it comes to this, I have changed my initial judgment. The TGP software should be responsible for the agent. It encapsulates the game package and sends it to Tencent's IDC node. The router's role in this should be fast. Forward proxy packets to reduce latency, and there may be nodes that assist in determining the proxy server.

Regarding the issue of delays across operators, in fact, under the pressure of related departments in recent years, the interconnection between several major operators has already done a good job. Only a long time ago, there was only a very narrow channel in the North, and now it has expanded to more than one interconnected interoperability node in each region. For example, Chongqing in the southwest region belongs to the interconnection node. Even without the use of agents, the inter-operator delay in most places has been reduced from the previous three digits to double digits. For many game users, cross-operator delays and packet loss are still concerns. Tencent uses its own IDC nodes to reduce cross-operator delays and packet losses, and improving the gaming experience is a good strategy. After the Glory Pro router cooperates with Tencent, the entire path from the computer to the game server has a good control, so it can continue to improve the game experience. This is also a good method. For the user, there is no need to do complicated configuration, open the game acceleration function, and it will be a very good game. This is the best experience.

V. Miscellaneous and summary

As I said at the beginning, I think that the basics of a good router are stable, and the functions that are extended on a stable basis are the real ones. So although I have mentioned a lot of opinions before, but these days of use, this router is in line with my requirements in terms of stability.


1. The biggest advantage of this router is that it is stable and the temperature is not high. Gigabit Ethernet ports. Stable will be able to work silently, not annoy me; the temperature is not high Do not think about to install the fan, lukewarm feel comfortable to use, in the high temperatures in Chongqing summer do not have to fear high temperature strike. Gigabit ports have basic speed guarantees.

2, then looks good, there is no big antenna on the outside, square looking more pleasing to the eye. Even if placed on the table, there will be no abrupt feeling.

3. The speed is stable under low signal conditions.

4. The game acceleration function can automatically interface with TGP software without complicated configuration.


I prefer to call this part inadequate because the basic function is normal, and the expansion is only a matter of more or less, rather than any shortcomings.

1, some of the functions can be more convenient, such as a key tied IP and MAC, increase the function of some professional network management.

2. The function of the VPN server can be added to PPTP and L2TP.

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