Before buying the millet box, he almost threw the old TV in the dormitory.

The millet box as a network set-top box produced by Xiaomi Company can be said to integrate a lot of network video functions, not only can watch movies, but also can be viewed live on the Internet, very convenient, and Xiao Bian's dormitory has an old-fashioned CRT monitor, Before Xiao Bian had no millet box, it was almost sold the bulky CRT TV. However, with a set-top box like a millet box, Xiao Bian could make his old-fashioned TV come in handy. Millet box watching movies, watching videos, but also watching live TV, very convenient.

Through the small series of tossing, this old-fashioned CRT TV can work normally again. Not only can you watch movies, but you can also expand the third-party applications by referring to the Tutorial: Xiaomi Universal Tutorial installation method to install a sofa housekeeper. Then downloaded from the sofa home, a variety of live, on-demand software to watch TV live, and become more intelligent. It can be said that the use of intelligent network set-top boxes such as millet boxes, the role of this old-fashioned non-smart TV is still very large, you can make this TV to restore youth, it is still worth tossing.

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