Lonely music is not as good as Lele: xbox one computer handle wireless adapter

Since the start of the xbox one wireless controller and computer cable, it is much easier for the computer to play games with two handles. However, it is somewhat inconvenient to drag a long data cable in front of a computer. For example, you often encounter a cable that causes the handle on the table to fall to the ground. And I like to take the handle and travel with my laptop. At night when the hotel breaks, I connect the computer to the TV to play a few games. When connecting the handle with the data cable, you will find it difficult to play the game with the handle when you are in a room where the TV is too far away from the bed. Then finally out of xbox one handle wireless adapter to connect the computer, decisively into it. Now share the experience with you.

The first part, the appearance of the box.

As always with the green box, various descriptions of the four languages. The dark part of the picture is the serial number information sticker of the wireless adapter. Below to open the package to see what happens.

Open the box and see the wireless adapter lying in the box. The adapter uses a standard USB interface, and the large xbox logo is printed on the adapter body.

Inside the box is a two-tier design. A wireless adapter is placed on the top layer, and the USB data extension cable and the thin manual warranty description are placed below the upper layer.

In the second part, we take a look at the wireless adapter itself.

The size of the wireless adapter is slightly larger than the normal u disk. A button is on the body, and then there is no more. The wireless adapter is turned on for usb plug-and-play, and the front will light a small light (that is, the hole next to the xbox logo). So, the only button on the wireless adapter is not the power switch, but the button that matches the wireless handle. Because there is no need to install a battery, the adapter does not have a battery compartment.

Usb extension cord with shielded magnetic ring!

The third part is the use of wireless adapters.

The wireless adapter does not require manual driver installation under win10 and is automatically installed and available after connecting to a computer. However, it is necessary to manually install the driver when connecting win7 and win8. You can go to the official website to understand how to manually install the driver. When you encounter a driver that cannot be manually installed, you may need to upgrade the system patch first. I encountered this situation when installing the wireless adapter on win8: the driver was installed but the adapter did not recognize it. Later updated the system and then installed the driver on it. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone still win10 use this wireless adapter worry. Many of my friends will like to play games under win7. Usually we think win10 is not good for old games. In fact, with the win10 compatibility setting, some old game programs are set to run in compatibility mode, and most games are playable. For example, the old game ten years ago: Dangdang Monopoly and Death Typist, I can play normally on win10.

The first time you connect the wireless controller to the wireless adapter, you need to hold both the handle and the pairing button on the wireless adapter. At this time, the indicator light of the handle and the wireless adapter will flash, press and hold the button until the flashing stops, that is, the pairing is successful. After successful pairing, the handle will be automatically connected to the adapter after it is turned on for the second time, eliminating the need for pairing. Of course, I have also encountered situations where I have been paired once and the second time I boot without connection to re-pair. Alas, computers are not always reliable.

The use of wireless connection handles and computers is indeed more convenient than using a data cable. The only inconvenience is the wireless connection, the handle to install the battery. The xbox one handle uses the 5th battery, and I have to use it more often.

Alone Better Together!

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