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As a game TV, Cool open 50N2 is more convenient for us to play games, compared to the advantages of console games is still quite large. For example, cool open 50N2 comes with the screen, PS4 need to connect the monitor or TV; cool open 50N2 host game cloud running, do not install the game application, do not worry about the pressure of dozens of GB games on the hard drive, PS4 every game need to buy, Download, install; In addition, cool open 50N2 game start super fast, click the button, through the hardware trigger, a key directly, directly start APP. At present, this TV in the cool open official website price 2999 yuan, the equivalent game content for free, interested friends may wish to look at.

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Cool open 55N2 uses online transmission technology, including ultra-2000 size games, more than 200 mainframe games, Super Street Fighter 4, Lehman, Far Cry 2, Batman and other mainframe games can play, you need a separate 10M + light The network, the game is loaded through the cloud, you do not need to burn TV configuration to run, the network is better and smoother, the gamepad adapts to the universal version.

With the rapid rise of the younger generation of consumers, consumers are no longer solely evaluating the quality of television, and the appearance has become an important criterion for the purchase of television. As the center of family entertainment, it has a great influence on the whole family style. Cool open 55N2 TV in the appearance of adhering to the previous generation of cool open TV minimalist design style, all metal alloy technology also makes this TV sense of fashion doubled. This design concept is also an important direction for the future development of television.

Cool open 55N2 TV uses a new upgraded Cool Open System 5.5, flat interface style operation is more simple and convenient, color is very young, the overall visual effects make people relaxed and happy. And in the actual hands of the author, the response speed is agile and almost no caton is encountered. Integrate high-quality resources such as film and television, games, shopping, travel, sports, and health, especially in the game.

Cool open 50N2

[Reference price] 2999 yuan [Dealer] Cool open official store

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