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Hello everyone, I am the sky and I am very happy to meet with you again. What I brought to you today is the "D-park Sparkling Workplace Set" report.

I am honored to have been selected to represent you as a valued friend. I am grateful to Ms. Zhang for raising this opportunity and thank you for your help in opening this article. There may be a lot of negligence, but also hope that the majority of valued friends under the mercy of the people, that the reason for the rain, only to receive the courier in the afternoon, so whether it is a picture or writing pen is wrong, please correct me. Well, not much nonsense, start today's topic.

I. Product Introduction

The first time I saw with my own eyes what worthy of the tape wrapped express, this time seems to be issued Shentong, by the way Tucao about this time STO, from Beijing to Qingdao spent 5 days, really waiting for the few days Unrequited love, fortunately received on the last day.

Under my violent bagbreaking, she finally revealed her next dress, but there is also a small inner

Well, this is the last layer, it's a dust bag, and I have to say that the D-park logo is everywhere in the slogan. This point of praise (Please ignore the person behind)

It was the protagonist who came to the eye that D-park shined the briefcase of the workplace set. There was no extravagant color before, but the khaki was still well-matched, that is, it was not known to be resistant to dirt because of the time pressure. This does not make a judgment.

Then the other "three brothers" had to say that the packaging felt very high, and the packaging was super strong texture, very thick cowhide cardboard (after all, silk yarn origin)

Well, Zhang Quanfafu

Second, product details


Made of Crazy Horse Leather + Plastic Canvas, suitable for 13.3-15.6-inch size notebooks, with a flip pocket outside, 3 inside shopping bags and a mobile phone hidden compartment, and is a two-way zipper design, design load-bearing 5KG, specific There is no test (for fear of breaking)

Here are the general conditions of the two sides, and there is also a magnetic bag, which is very easy to use (who knows who knows who)

The inside is like this, because the time is tense, there is no suitable thing at hand, and the size should be moderate, it is not a big deal.

On the other side, you can put a computer, 13.3 can be placed directly on the edge of the computer, 14, 15.6 can be released, but need to be placed outside

2. Mobile phone shell

Speaking of mobile phone shells, there is a small story. When we fill out the survey plan, we forgot the note. When we contact customer service, we can change it, so we immediately send an e-mail. However, we feel overjoyed to think that we have changed it. The result is 6P. This is a bit embarrassing, so we urgently used human resources and received 6

So simply take a few photos.

Some friends reflect that there is no intermediate velvet. It seems that my character is used here. This velvet should play a buffer role.

From the side, the phone case is not very thick, and it is particularly well protected (particularly on the ground)

Mobile phone shell work is also good, camera, flash, charging port, headphone port are not blocked, and very light.

In addition, when it was first installed, it was thought that it was installed directly, so it was hard. As a result, the mobile phone was almost GG. At this time, I thought that the screwdriver that had just started was originally opened and put on.

3. Storage bag

The color really likes it, but it doesn't seem to be very dirty. Now that you don't have the time to test it, let the time test it. In fact, the inclusion of this package is still very useful. After all, things are a little bit more, and there is a good storage bag.

However, it feels thick after we attach it, but it feels good to hold in hand.

There are altogether six pockets in various sizes for storage. It is very convenient. We have already made a picture to introduce each pocket in detail, but we do not know why it cannot be uploaded. Let us briefly introduce it.

Top left corner: Put a 5-inch mobile phone just right, easy to put, very user-friendly.

The bottom left corner: The largest pocket, I put a large mobile power, and dark buckles on the side of the pocket, after the release can make the pocket bigger.

Top right corner: It should be a place to put a small wallet.

The lower right corner: a card package, or can put headphones or something.

Top-right two: Large pockets, because there are fixed buttons in the middle so you can put two data lines, this function is temporarily, the other has not yet tried.

Bottom two: If you can put something or something, the space is not great.

4. Data cable + key chain

This is a good design, suitable for those who forget to take the key but do not forget to get the charging treasure, but also can be removed separately, used alone, but as a slightly shorter charging line. Everyone can see through the intuitive comparison of the figure below.

The same straight normal gel pen comparison, about 20cm long

The color match with the phone case is still very good, I feel the data line should be leather, very skiny, and soft is not unusual skin, but easy to wrinkle, I have been almost the same

Third, D-park company introduction

This section refers to Baidu directly. If you want to know the details, you can use your own Baidu. Here is a brief introduction.

The establishment of the company in 2011, although the establishment time is a bit short, but the future feels very bright, because this is an intellectual property rights is developing Chinese local design brands, support domestic

The D-park slogan is: It is not outstanding, does not go out, stems from the heart, waits for perfection.

D-park design concept is TDS: that is, functional + design + design share share.

Fourth, summary

Look at the appearance of the package, giving people a feeling of calm but introverted but without losing the temperament, and fine workmanship, the overall appearance is very mature and stable, business and leisure are not wrong.

Pocket design is very practical, there are magnet pockets, easy to receive common items. And the bag on the back of the bag comes with a key rope design is also very convenient, briefcase internal pocket design has 6 admission, suitable for those who value more friends, you can avoid some embarrassment.

The metal frame of the phone protection shell, the material is very good, I feel it is equipped with a weapon


Daily sundries storage package, moderate space, the design is more reasonable, just put things more folded after feeling very thick, and other no shortcomings.

The data line has a good skin feel and a short length, but it's still good.

PS: Attach a few real animals

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