Can be used as a host for artwork with a capacity of only 12.6L — Ncase M1 installed records

The time after work is getting less and less, the demand for the game is getting lower and lower, I hope to be able to squeeze out more time to spend time with family, friends, etc., so do not consider buying video cards now when installed.

The idea of ​​this installation: 攒 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 尽可能 。 。 。 。 。

After many days on the Internet access to relevant information, Zhuo found the most suitable for their own chassis - Ncase M1 found by the joint force.

Borrowing 2 official pictures, the official website is here. How to buy at the bottom of the article. There are other questions to discuss and communicate together.

Is it right? The value is quite high, and the extensibility is quite good. Saying that this is the first time the halogen cannon was installed, it was surprisingly smooth and the layout of the chassis was very reasonable. Compared to the larger P115EA, the installation was easier.

First configure the order

This computer without a discrete graphics card is not cheap

The processor temporarily selected I5 6600K, when the hand itch can also be a super, the goal is to cook the next generation of I7 z, contrast the hands of the big thunder, to buy a I7 7700K basically broke the thought of overclocking.

Asustek's motherboards are not picky in terms of layout, materials, and workmanship. The BIOS is more intuitive and user-friendly, and not buying M8I is poor.

From a cost-effective point of view, U9S is not the most sensible choice, but the cat's radiator looks good, easy to install, taking into account the internal heat dissipation of the chassis, or decided to buy a dual fan version of the U9S.

The price of memory is really awkward, and today's price is boiled for 6.18G, which has a small impact on the performance of the whole machine. The double 8G memory with 2400 frequency is also sufficient. Braised it again, unless the budget is too severe, please do not Buy 8G or less of memory. Even if it is used as a net machine, it is recommended to start 8G.

Braised this SSD is brought back from the United States and Asia, about 1200 soft sister coins, if you wait until Jingdong to do activities, occasionally you can meet good prices. Braised Asus Z170 I PRO is to support M.2, but considering the current solid price of SM951, wait and see.

Thieves ship this SF power supply price is still relatively high, 7-year warranty is also slightly more conscientious than Yin Xin. This power supply for the I-7 6700K+GTX1080 is completely free of problems, and it is safe to buy. The thief ship sent the module line is too hard, silly dark. Braised himself to customize a set of white silicone thread.

The monitor was purchased on Dell's official website, and the price of less than 4K enjoyed a 5-year warranty. As an upgraded version of U2715H, it even reduced one HDMI port, which is ashamed. The EGGER LX model perfectly supports this monitor.

The size of the chassis is mini enough and there is no sense of violation on the table

Front panel and LOGO information

2 USB 3.0 interface is not much but enough, the power button feels better, the middle with the hard disk indicator

The left and right sides of the fuselage are used to deal with the top of the hole because the chassis space is small, the opening can increase the amount of air intake and air volume

Personally it is not advisable to use a dust-proof net full-wrapped small steel gun undoubtedly turned into a stuffy stove

The edge is not as good as Tess

Rivet work I also served the joint force, look at the black version of the users will be much better, it should be after the second treatment

The holes in the hole are irregular and no flash will not cut the hand.

Grinding details at the edges are in place except rivets

Braised soul line~~~ light Tucao, too lazy to pack up because there is no space for the installation of discrete graphics inside

Install two owls F12 on the bottom to blow cool air from the bottom upwards. If you install a non-public video card, you can increase the amount of air intake for the graphics card.

The same as the top of the line, chaos, abandoned the own module line, custom white silicon line in Shenshuibao relatively soft line

The data line is selected by Amphenol, which is much better than the silly black on the motherboard.

The inlet of the power supply faces outwards. This SF600 has a low-load stop function from outside the air inlet. The daily use of the SF600 rarely sees the power supply fan working.

The large fan intake air volume is enough to give SF600 heat dissipation no problem. The power bracket fixing screws are also many, do not worry about the power supply falls down

Braised on the bottom of the chassis also installed an 8cm cat fan. In fact, there is no difference between the installation of the fan, this fan is just right to use the remaining

M1's nameplate is unfortunately missing the number

Since the boiled hardware is not a fresh dish, it will not be photographed one by one.

Since the broiler is used for light entertainment + office use, take a FIP chart with a single AIDA64 tester. The room temperature is 26°C and the screenshot is run for 15 minutes. Performance testing is not done for the moment because there is no discrete graphics card. It does not make much sense.

I5 6600K is not overclocked in the state of temperature is still after all, is a small chassis cooling and chassis in the chassis there is still a certain gap.

The last 2 pictures feel the braised cooking machine. Listen to the weird

to sum up

Chassis work materials did not have to say, after all, is a 4-digit chassis;

The chassis is really small enough, the cooked table is 120cm*60cm, plus a 27-inch display, the space is just right

Fully adequate performance, and all configurations can be used to maximize performance with discrete graphics in the future

The monitor experience is good 27-inch 2K is very suitable for purchase, after all, 4K display tall, not everyone has GTX1080's.

The purchase of the chassis needs to be purchased on the official website. As long as you have a dual-currency card, you can translate your address into English. Now the official website sells for 185 knives, and the freight does not include a tariff of around 220 knives. You can count yourself according to the exchange rate.

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