Kindle lost what can be done

Diving has never been submitted, there is a free time to record the kindle away from me, and simply say some measures taken after the kindle dropped, hoping to help the same students encountered.

The thing is this: When a landlord logs in to to buy a book one day, he finds that the kindle inside my device is gone, and an ominous hunch begins to appear. . . . . . .

Let me talk about this kindle, kpw2 Japanese version, purchased in June 2015 (ps can not buy the price now) the richest family search link:

The order of the richest family is as follows:

Taobao orders cut map

How do you drop it? Recalling that I recently took the kindle and went out to the hospital recently. When I checked the number, I also took it out and spent time. After checking, I also touched the kindle while placing various documents in the bag. The biggest suspect is that on the way home to the subway, although Chengdu No. 1 line is more crowded than it is not God, it is also crowded and crowded. Especially when Tianfu Square transfers people, it is basically pushing people to squeeze and walk away. Gave the thief opportunity.

I didn't read the book after returning home and didn't pay attention. By the second day or the third day, there was a special book on amazon. I logged into my account to prepare a book, but I didn't find my kindle after n times. The landlord thought that it was not a network update or any other reason that he couldn't find the ki ndle. Before long, he manually brushed the firmware. (To this day, the landlord is naive to think that this is definitely a network problem, he did not expect the Kindle to be stolen.) So the landlord logged in. Amazon is ready to ask customer service. This is how it happened. Is it a network problem? The specific consultation process is not shown. The customer service response is that the kindle under my account has not been registered under another account (but I cannot provide information on this account unless I call amazon to cooperate with the police. balalal....) , Since my device is Japan Amazon purchase needs to lock the device to contact customer service in Japan. Rub, actually stolen. . . What can I do other than to comfort myself?

Looking back, what kind of Kindle do I have? One is that the kindle account is bound to a credit card; the other is there are some personal documents. Then start to remedy it, first log in to the Amazon account to delete the credit card, and change the login password. Followed by personal documents, this seems to be no feasible way, and in Central Asia customer service chat inspired by Apple's search for iphone readily asked the next customer service can lock Kindle not? Customer service can say, but call me to contact customer service in Asia. If you lock the kindle, then the personal document inside is not locked out? So contact the Japanese customer service to explain the situation: I was kindle stolen you can help me to lock the device, the message in Japan is as follows:

Customer service really can help lock the reply as follows:

Need some certifiable information to reply

Nichia customer service replies that the equipment is locked, later if you find it to us to unlock you

After tossing it down, this matter has basically come to an end. To sum up how to prevent it?

First, be careful. Wherever you go, you must be optimistic about your own bag. It is best to place it in front of where you can see.

Second, set the lock screen password. Kindle can set the lock screen password (iphone, ipad these do not say) (the landlord also set the password before the kindle but too much trouble to cancel) Imagine having a lock screen password, then you can effectively protect your personal privacy.

Third, keep the device serial number. The landlord found the serial number through the reserved outer packaging. Contact the Nichia customer service to lock the equipment. If you do not want to keep the packaging, you should at least record the serial number to make it easier to find when necessary. Personal advice is to keep the box and the invoice (if any). This is also a powerful proof if the police report the case and finally solve it.

Doing the above points well, at last it is like the landlord who unfortunately lost the kindle then do not panic according to the following points

First, Ah Q. Don't lose your money to avoid disasters. . . . . . This is repeated n times. . . .

Second, change the account password. Change the kindle associated account password, in particular, bind the credit card to prevent the account from being stolen. At the same time, delete the kindle to prevent others from changing their own account.

Third, contact customer service. Contact customer service to lock the device, no one can register this kindle after locking. If you buy a Japanese version like the landlord, you don't have to panic and contact customer service in Japan. There is no problem with Chinese consulting.

Fourth, the police. It is difficult to find the police. In theory, the police can ask Amzaon to provide account information for logging in the kindle so that it may be able to retrieve it. However, the landlord is not primarily an individual without time and does not want to waste police resources (please ask the gods not to spray.... purely personal laziness)

I have so many hope that you will not take care of your love machine. Write down a commemorative book that once accompanied me through a substantial Kindle, cheating on coins. In the end, there was no classmate to put a kindle to eat at home.

The end

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