The first drying of the site saw the new Dafa can not help but start: SONY Sony DSC-RX100 Mark V black card digital camera out of the box

When I bought a Canon 600D SLR in 2013, I often patted the flowers, landscapes and the like. However, it is too heavy to carry and has been lying in a drying oven for the past half year. Decided to enter a portable digital camera. To pick and choose to choose Dafa, in fact, my heart has always been missed by Dafa, meditation on three Sony Dafas is good, Sony Dafa is good, and Sony Dafa is good. , Fancy black card RX100III, ready to start, but found that the official website to be out of the black card RX100V, my heart this grass long way.

Tucao a sentence Sony is the camera when the phone out? Order patience. Huh? Now orders also send an own SD card 64G.

The efficiency of FedEx Express is still good, and it arrives the next day.


Camera and SD card, full invoices

The seal is a sticker

Warranty card, manual

Body, accessories

Positive, small blue label

Wi-Fi antenna and NFC module on the side of the camera

The back of the fuselage design maintains the style of the black card

EVF electronic viewfinder

Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens

Flip back screen

After flipping 180° upwards, there will be partial blocking

The mode dial is the same as the 4th generation

Take a tester first, ISO125, shutter 1/30, f1.8

High-speed continuous shooting at 24 frames per second, the continuous shooting sound is indeed touching, 4K video recording.

Some people say that Sony Black Card came out to the fifth generation and I can finally afford the third generation. The price is there, 1 inch card machine sells 7000+, after M43 is more expensive than the full range, not as above A7” and “aps-c is more expensive than full range, not as above A7”, and then “one inch is more expensive than full size. Not A7 as above, this can really make cable powder difficult. After all, the price is almost equal to or even surpass the price of Sony's full-frame micro-single part of the product, not to mention those who have just started 3 generations and 4 generations of cable powder, I am afraid It will not take a few thousand dollars to redeem five generations. As for those who have not yet started, look at the level of faith.

Advantages: 1, compact, portable, the new RX100M5's design and the previous fourth-generation models are very close to become a signature Sony black card style. 2, 24 / sec high speed continuous shot really extraordinary. The characteristics of the 3rd and 4th generations are inherited.

Disadvantages: 1, new high prices. 2. Parameters cannot be completely displayed when the back screen is rotated 180 degrees. 3, when the video shooting body heat greater. 4, 4K and high frame rate shooting memory card requirements.

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