Ali's new TV model for water testing, radio and television department internetization, and a new level

After several months of negotiations, Alibaba Pictures and Shenzhen Radio, Film and Television Group have recently reached a strategic cooperation and will rely on their respective advantages to collaborate on a new business model of “customer-customized TV dramas”. This is the latest key case of the Department of Broadcasting and Television, which embraced the Internet following the joint efforts of China Cable TV and the joint efforts of Hunan and Hunan provinces. Shanghai Securities News learned that the above new model will be gradually promoted to Alibaba Pictures and other radio and television organizations.

On the 5th, radio and television network, Hubei radio and television jointly limited daily limit, Tianwei video, e-broadcast, BesTV, etc. also rose. Refraction of the reform of the broadcasting and television system is expected to be sought after by funds.

New combination

The cooperation with Shenzhen Radio and TV Co., Ltd. is the first test of Ali Pictures’ e-commerce customized play model. What is an e-commerce TV show? It is understood that on the basis of the production and application modes of traditional TV dramas, the two sides will discuss the implantation of e-commerce industry chain, and cooperate with TV drama propaganda and e-commerce product sales during the broadcast. Alifilm and Shenzhen Radio and TV will fully integrate the media and network e-commerce partners in their respective areas of high-quality resource cooperation, and will explore the United Nations and outside the strong media groups and more than ten cities and Taiwan to jointly develop and produce melodrama. At the capital level, Shenzhen Radio and TV will also promote its cultural industry funds and Ali Pictures to cooperate on projects such as film and television dramas and e-commerce dramas, and promote the integration of relevant resources of both parties.

Alibaba Pictures is principally engaged in television and film media related businesses. It is committed to producing and distributing film and television dramas. It is the benchmark for Alibaba's culture and entertainment business, and it is also one of the few content production companies in the country with both Internet and offline advantages. Ali Qiang CEO Zhang Qiang said that relying on the Alibaba Group's Internet and big data technology capabilities, Alibaba Pictures will transform and upgrade the traditional television production model, and at the same time the content production and distribution, grafted Alibaba's e-commerce resources, In order to achieve a win-win situation between the producer, the broadcaster, the merchant, and the consumer.

Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television is composed of Shenzhen TV, Shenzhen Radio, Shenzhen Film Studio and Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television Transmission Center. The company has film studios, advertising companies, and mobile video services. As the core shareholder unit of Urban Union Internet TV (CUTV), Shenzhen Radio and TV will also promote the in-depth cooperation between Alibaba Pictures and CUTV, give full play to the advantages of the local entrance of the city station, the interactive advantages of the host, and the advantages of the Alibaba E-commerce platform. Customization of e-commerce drama to create a new channel. The data shows that as of the end of 2013, CUTV has covered nearly 800 million users in 26 municipalities directly under the Central Government.

Ali Pictures’ insiders told reporters that the negotiations with Shenzhen Broadcasting and Television have been going on for several months, and that this “custom-made e-commerce TV drama” model has no precedent in China, that is, from the beginning of the project, it is from the script. Customize the production directly from the perspective of the time period. Although TV's "Hao Mi Mo" had tried water and Ali's e-commerce cooperation, it was still added later.

According to reports, in the custom TV dramas, both parties have their own advantages, among which the broadcasting and TV organizations with TV stations have the distribution channels; and the advantage of Alibaba Pictures is their production capabilities and the full set of e-commerce systems behind Ali Group, including payment and logistics. Businesses and other aspects. After the completion of the follow-up drama production, you can also cooperate with Youku Potato Group of Ali Investment in the online channel broadcast. In addition, there is no lack of imagination in the cooperation with Alibaba's "Entertainment Po" and other products.

At present, this model is limited to TV drama products, but it is temporarily not promoted to the movie industry. This is mainly due to the fact that TV dramas have the effect of trans-regional and high-fidelity broadcast; and the time span of movies is often not easily controlled.

It is reported that this model will also be promoted to Alibaba Pictures and other radio and television organizations in the later period.

Frequent touch network

Compared with the Radio and TV Department of Hunan and Hubei Radio and Television at the beginning of the year, they jointly promoted the sharing of broadband Internet resources, video content sharing, two-way value-added services, smart city business communications, and digital circuit business promotion. The alliance between Ali Pictures and Shenzhen Broadcasting & Television Group Therefore, the broadcasting and television department has entered a higher level on the long road of seeking transformation.

By tracing back, we can see that the Department of Broadcasting and Television has been making faster and faster progress in the transformation and upgrading process. At the end of December 2014, Hubei Broadcasting and Television Corporation signed strategic cooperation agreements with eight companies including CITIC Guoan, Digital Video, and Tongzhou Electronics. Among them, both CITIC Guoan and Hubei Broadcasting and Television jointly carry out R&D, production, technical support, and promotion of digital homes and other related equipment, and jointly develop smart homes, healthy pensions and other businesses based on radio and television networks, etc. Digital video organization expert team assists Hubei Broadcasting Development Tri-network integration development plan as a whole solution; regularly appoint technical experts to sort out and improve the technical system of Party B, and formulate an improved plan; Tongzhou Electronics will establish a technology research and development center in the Taizi Lake Cultural Digital Creative Industry Park, and Hubei Broadcasting and Television will be responsible for the network, Marketing, service resources, etc.

During the same period, Gehua Cable has signed a three-year television network project cooperation agreement with 25 cable networks companies including Shanghai Oriental Cable, Tianjin Cable, Chongqing Cable, and Hebei Broadcasting and Television Network, and has initiated cooperation with more than 30 companies. "China Television Academy Line Alliance" opened the door for the nationwide cable television network to work together.

At the recent joint research meeting of BesTV and Oriental Pearl, the company’s president, Ling Gang, revealed that the company will establish five business groups, namely, the Internet TV group, cloud platform and big data group, host game business group, and telecommunications channel business group. , Network video business group. From the name, you can intuitively see that the vast majority are related to the Internet. Under the background of the upcoming opening of Disneyland, Ling Gang said that it will conduct in-depth cooperation with Disney on online business such as TV creative, film co-production, and game development. The Internet has become an indispensable part of the transformation and development of broadcast and television systems.

Fusion trend

Against the joint efforts of internet giant Ali and the Department of Broadcasting and Television, Lin Qijin, research director of China-Guangdong Internet, believes that the value and potential of TV as a family entrance is still on the rise, and television programs are no longer fixed content, but rather an application. Applications. Nowadays, users are no longer satisfied with watching, but they are pursuing a full-process experience. Traditional media and new media can precisely meet the needs of this new type of full-scale experience based on their respective advantages. It can be said that there is much room for development.

For Alibaba, whether it is making a movie or making a movie, it is only a content provider and copyright owner. What differentiates or strengthens the same type of China Strategy, Light, etc. is that there is a complete commercial ecological chain behind Ali Pictures that can form a closed loop, and the technology and products in the ecological chain realize benefits in various ways. Maximization is its main purpose. Therefore, the introduction of different services and cooperation models based on broadcasting and television stations, cable television network operators, licensees and other properties of broadcasting and television organizations is an inevitable way.

Every television drama and movie will have more or less soft corporate advertising, whether in product form or brand form. But how to ingeniously implant, what kind of quick way to buy when the user intends to consume after watching it, these seem to be the simplest but very crucial - she is related to consumer psychology and purchase desire. The traditional broadcasting and TV organizations do not have complete access to information, and the Ali Group’s platforms and channels precisely solve this pain point.

An industry veteran believes that from the perspective of traditional radio and television, it is precisely because the radio and television system itself cannot form a concerted force and will be defeated by companies like Ali. Conversely, such external intervention may also accelerate the pace of change in the broadcasting system itself.

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