Foreign media: Samsung intelligent voice-activated TV "long ears" authorized staff quietly "eavesdropping" ...

When the legal night news report discusses trade secrets or discloses passwords, it is still far from smart TV.

The British Broadcasting Corporation reported this morning that today's smart TVs have voice-activated features, but this user-friendly operation may have hidden risks. And if you are home to a Samsung smart TV, then you have to be careful about what you say and have been "eavesdropped" by this voice-controlled TV.

TV voice control function "stealing" voice information

According to the report, Samsung Smart TV has a voice recognition function (voice control). Its slogan is "Let the user find that the original remote controller is so troublesome." The report pointed out that the user can switch to the Samsung smart TV by issuing simple voice commands. Machines and channel changers, if you make complex requirements, press and hold a key on the remote control.

However, the British "Daily Mail" stated that all these words you mentioned will be sent to a company named "nuance" in the United States. The company sends the data to a server, and the server converts the voice into Text, send back reaction. This means that all speech can be “listened” and recorded by the TV during the key press.

According to reports, although all information is encrypted and transmitted via the Internet, it can still be heard by nuance-authorized staff.

In addition, reports said that the appliances that are suspected of being "eavesdropped" are not just Samsung Smart TVs. Any product that supports voice control is in fact in doubt.

Samsung responded that the function can be related to people concerned about data theft

In response, Samsung stated that users can decide whether to enable voice-activated functions. A Samsung spokesperson said that users can easily determine that the voice recognition function is turned on as soon as they see the microphone icon on the screen. This means that once the tiny microphone icon appears on the TV screen, it means that someone may be “listening” to you.

Despite this, for such information, there are privacy rights groups slammed: "This is simply too outrageous, like Will Smith starred in the movie "National Enemy", mobile phones, watches, shoes and even clothes have been installed on the track eavesdropping The device is also like the electric screen in the novel “1984”. The electric screen is a two-way television. The government can use the electric screen to transmit images and also to monitor citizens.

Some people said: "Although Samsung clarified that these voice data will not be sold, it is like you entered my room and said that you would not peep at me ." According to the report, smart TV "long ears" has caused many consumers to feel uneasy. Especially in today's hacks, it is difficult to guarantee that these recorded voice data will not be eavesdropped. A CNN reporter said: "I am very worried that if Samsung or so-called third parties are hacked, they may be able to hear my very private conversation and be in front of my TV."
(Original title: Foreign media: Samsung TV "Long Ear" Its smart TV voice control function was exposed to voice recording and uploading. Authorized staff can hear it.)

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