Apple relies on Apple TV to enter the video game?

Recently news broke that Apple is hiring talented people with experience in 3D and 2D game development in the next era. It can be inferred that Apple seems to be interested in entering the video game industry. Is it relying on Apple TV? Why did the author guess? In fact, we can learn from Apple TV's constant billing, Apple's value for this new TV box products. The remarks of the American cable TV company also just printed this point, they said that Apple wants more for Apple TV, in addition to video games.

Apple TV bounces tickets, and wants to join the game content. At present, Apple has recruited game talents. I believe this should not be mere coincidence. So this time Apple TV will usher in great changes compared to previous generations. After all, if the IOS system's video games can move high-end game players, then excellent hardware configuration is a necessary prerequisite. The previous generations of Apple TV did not have such capabilities. At the same time, in the video game industry, there are two big mountains of Sony and Microsoft. If the first video game device is not satisfactory, it will be difficult to pose a threat to Sony and Microsoft in the future. Therefore, Apple TV will have a significant increase in hardware performance.

After all, what kind of surprise Apple TV Games and Apple TV will bring us, whether we can defeat the two giants of the video game industry in one fell swoop, we still need to wait. After all, Apple TV still doesn't have much news. Apple's video games are just beginning.
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