Second-generation firewall conference held in Beijing

Second-generation firewall conference held in Beijing

Recently, the second-generation firewall standard conference was formally held at the National Convention Center. The Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Public Security’s Cyber ​​Security Bureau Guo Qiquan, the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security’s Zou Chunming, and the senior security experts from the organizers’ deep convictions, NSFOCUS and Net God’s three manufacturers all delivered important speeches at the meeting. This conference provided an opportunity for industry users and IT media to better understand the second-generation firewall and second-generation firewall standards. A total of 250 representatives from Beijing's various industries and 36 IT media attended the conference.

A joint press conference organized by the Ministry of Public Security’s Cyber ​​Security Bureau, the Ministry of Public Security’s Bureau of Science and Technology and the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security on the second-generation firewall standards sponsored by SMG, NSFOCUS, and NetSky on February 4, 2015 At 14:30 pm, it was successfully held in Hall A, a multi-purpose hall of the National Convention Center. In this conference, 250 representatives from various industries in Beijing and 36 IT media were invited.

The Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Public Security’s Cyber ​​Security Bureau, Guo Qiquan, the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security’s Zou Chunming, and senior security experts such as Shen Cong and other three companies made important speeches at the meeting.

The second-generation firewall standard should be upgraded to the beginning of the national standard conference. Guo Qiquan, the chief engineer, introduced the status quo and future directions of China’s cyber security development for the users and media present. He pointed out that the country has upgraded network security to a strategic height. The "Network Security Law" will be formulated. 2015 is the year of the national thirteenth five-year plan for cyber security. The government will attach great importance to the standards of network security products and the development and application of network security products, and will issue documents to government agencies and local governments through the Central Office of Comprehensive Governance. The construction of cyber security will be assessed.

Guo Quangong also pointed out the problems faced by the country’s current cyber security work. He said that in order to better promote the development of national cyber security construction, the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” will focus on national cyber security top-level design, key infrastructure protection and other aspects. commence to work. From the perspective of national network security top-level design, the Ministry of Public Security strongly encourages domestic excellent information security companies such as Shen Cong, NSFOCUS and Net God to participate in the research and development of safety standards, and proposes that innovative standards such as second-generation firewall standards should rise. For national standards. Guo Quangong also appealed that national key industry departments should actively respond to the call and apply the standards to the actual construction of cyber security.

At the end of the speech, Chief Engineer Guo Qiquan deeply said with deep feeling: "After the top-level national cyber security is designed, important industry departments and information security companies must shoulder their respective responsibilities. Information security companies should continue to develop new product technologies and important industries through innovation. The departments should increase the investment in information security construction and make our country's independent and reliable security products more widely used and promoted to build the true safety of our country."

After the second-generation firewall standard was a mature standard and immediately followed by Guo Qiquan’s chief engineer, Zou Chunming’s expert from the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security gave us a detailed introduction to the preparation process of the second-generation firewall standard. From the Zou Chunming expert’s speech, we learned that traditional firewalls based on 2-4 layers of security protection cannot effectively protect network threats from the application layer; UTMs that integrate firewalls, intrusion prevention and anti-virus software are much more open. After the application layer processing function, the performance is drastically reduced and cannot meet the user's business needs. In this context, the second-generation firewall and its standard came into being. Zou Chunming’s expert explained that in order to better meet the needs of domestic users, the second-generation firewall should have features such as application-level access control, integration of multiple security functions, deep content detection, and high-performance in addition to the features of a traditional firewall. .

The senior security experts from the three sponsors of SMG, NSF, and NetSurve focused on the security, deep content detection and mixed packet performance of the second-generation firewall fusion, and conducted detailed analysis on the user's network security requirements. Experts with years of experience in the information security industry can deeply understand the role of the second generation of firewall core functions in network security protection based on the user's business needs, and can effectively help the majority of users to choose a true match in the promiscuous security product market. Standard requirements and second-generation firewalls that meet their needs.

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