The number of IPTV subscribers in Spain has grown by 2 million

Speaking of IPTV, some users may not know much about it. IPTV is an interactive network television. It is a broadband IP network that integrates Internet, multimedia, and communication technologies. It uses TVs or PCs as receiving terminals to provide users with multiple types of interactions, including digital television. New technologies. In addition to traditional television programs, TVs are also available for viewing, VOD video on demand and so on. Simply put, TV is watched through the broadband Internet.

Today we come to understand the development of IPTV in Spain. Recently, Spanish Telecom Movista has stated publicly that the current rapid development of IPTV services in Spain has brought more and more users to the embrace of IPTV. Users can receive a lot of TV programs through new IPTV set-top boxes. In terms of the number of users, 2 million have already been developed and are still showing a rising trend.

Beijing Unicom IPTV
Returning to the Chinese market, taking Beijing as an example, Beijing Unicom has already launched an IPTV service and competes with the traditional cable TV operators, the old Gehua Cable. Among them, the number of channels and the lookback function are currently In constant improvement. The author believes that there are good events in the event of competition. Consumers can choose from them and break the monopoly.

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