Under the multi-screen ecology, can video games bring a new turn for smart TV?

In the popular multi-screen ecological concept, television is the largest screen, but it is a relatively weak link compared to small screens such as smartphones and tablets. The lack of mobility and lack of self-interactivity affect to some extent its development in the mobile era. As the best expression of its "eye-catching ability" - large-screen entertainment features, television has become an element of the future to occupy the status of the living room. Today, online entertainment and gaming entertainment for smart TVs are two major functional requirements for users.
In particular, video games have become very popular in China in recent years. Next-generation game consoles in China and domestic manufacturers build video game platforms and move from chaos to maturity, which will give birth to a new era in the video game market. In accordance with this trend, in the future, video games can become the protagonist of the living room entertainment?
In the second era, the console-hosted TV game market was "ripened"
With the diversified forms of entertainment, video games are no longer considered "floods and beasts". The further liberalization of national policies laid a good foundation for the entry into China of Microsoft and Sony's next-generation game consoles.
According to statistics, the proportion of video games in the global gaming industry is maintained at more than 30%, and is expected to grow to $24.3 billion in 2017. The Chinese mainland market is even a "video game wasteland" that has not yet been reclaimed.
Therefore, in 2014, Microsoft and Sony successively announced that their related game console products will formally enter China. With the entry of many giants, video games have once again occupied a high degree of public opinion. However, in the current era of game consoles, there are still many unresolved issues in the domestic development. For example, the price of the mainframe is expensive, and the number of game console locks and games in the times of the State Bank are less.
Taking Sony as an example, it has just passed the first game review in recent days; the rating system has not yet been established, and it is difficult for big-name games to enter China; after-sales service is difficult and there are fewer domestic repair sites. These factors lead to video games represented by game consoles in the next era, and the pace of expansion is doomed to be slow.
Smart TV games have no revolutionary significance before 2015
Domestic enterprises have been paying more attention to the video game market since the introduction of smart TV in 2012 until the end of 2014. According to statistics, the video game market is expected to reach more than 30 billion by 2017.
Good market prospects also allow domestic companies to flock. However, at this stage, the domestic video game market did not undergo revolutionary changes, and it was still in the early stages of development.
TCL has released T-game consoles long ago. Hosts and handles similar to TV boxes are eager to announce to users that they are "mature products." Although the price is not high, only 699 yuan, but sales are still not satisfactory.
360 funding green onion game, launched the so-called "big chief" in the history of the first Internet game host. Unlike the general game console + handle + camera configuration, the "Great Chief" also comes with a mouse! Although the courage of the 360 ​​“Easy All” industry was impressive, it was a big hit in the video game market. The "big chief" did not splash much water on the market and disappeared without a trace.
In fact, although these products and platforms may seem new, they are all just gimmicks and have no revolutionary significance. Because of these so-called video games, most of them are simply transplanting mobile games to larger TV screens. The overall quality of the game is not enough to support the needs of home entertainment.
What's more, these mobile games are originally suitable for touch, and now they are replaced with handles, and one can imagine that their experience will not be satisfactory. In addition, video game market problems at this stage are frequent. The industry lacks uniform standards. Game developers face difficulties in adapting to many platforms and users have different experiences. They lack depth customization of TV screens and interactive features. Their control methods are confusing. This period of time is more like the domestic video game market. Barbaric growth stage, continuous killing, and seizure of the market have failed to make any real impact.
Smart TV Games Enters a New Era After 2015

However, these efforts will lay a solid foundation for the smart TV game market to enter a new phase after 2015. In the new year, more and more domestic TV manufacturers and game developers/Internet companies/partners began to try to cooperate in depth. The development of the domestic video game market is progressing from the 1.0 era to the 2.0 era.

According to the 2014 smart TV game report, male gamers accounted for more than 80% of TV game players. Unlike mobile games, the difference between men and women may be as much as several times. The inherent development thinking of the mobile game industry may need to be adjusted, and male-dominated game types need more development and reflection.

The simple idea of ​​simply transplanting hot games to video games may become unrealistic. On the other hand, we also see that players aged 20 to 30 account for 60% of the total. This is similar to the age ratio of mobile game players. The innovative experience accumulated in mobile game development and the material still have room to play.

In terms of game time, video game players are running for 50 minutes a day and are growing at a fluctuating pace. From the perspective of numerical trends, it can be simply understood that the willingness of players to accept video games is still positive. However, from the perspective of numerical value, the stickiness value is not high, and it is still an urgent task for manufacturers to focus on enhancing player stickiness.

From the experience of the development of video games, the player's favorite is the puzzle leisure and somatosensory games, which is mainly due to the particularity of the video game platform, so that players can better get a better experience from these two types of games. At the same time, sports and chess and board games have become new players. In 2015, manufacturers may be able to use these types of games.

In fact, although the multi-screen concept makes the concept of a mobile phone act as a remote control board, it has become popular among manufacturers, but at the player level, the favorite control method is still the remote control, and the most annoying one is the mouse control.

This also verifies the reason why the early stir-fried quasi-PC system entered the living room soon, that is, the reason why it quickly fell silent. How to continue to optimize the control of remote controls and the interaction between mobile phones and TVs will be the next step for manufacturers.

The early exploration has enabled smart TV manufacturers to accumulate a lot of data and experience in the game market operation and provide strong support for their subsequent development. And this representative of Hisense, on the one hand, cooperates with Microsoft international giants to become the only TV product partner of Xbox One to create a super living room gaming platform; on the other hand, it cooperates with game content operators such as Tencent Games to develop the visual travel market together. .

On the whole, the joint efforts of the two companies will transform the TV game market, which was originally in their own battle, into a rope and create a healthy development ecosystem. This means that the smart TV game market has an evolutionary opportunity to allow the video game market to fully enter the 2.0 era, or indeed usher in an outbreak afterwards.

In this in-depth transformation, TV manufacturers, game developers, and accessory manufacturers will all perform their duties and determine their positioning, playing an indispensable role in the frantic advancement of the video game market. This will also ensure that the entire market will advance rapidly. Lack of stability.

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