Tai Jie WEBOX Smart 4 Core 4K Enhanced Edition Reviews

As a professional software company that provides operators with integrated smart TV operation solutions, Taijie believes that it is not unfamiliar to users. Its Taijie TV (TV version) and Taijie video (mobile version) have become the hottest home TV applications. one. Today, Taijie is also joining hands with Tencent to launch the webox smart box, which is eye-catching with its unique circular design, user-friendly replaceable color case and strong performance. The latest WEBOX 4 core 4K enhanced version fully supports 4K and H265 hard solutions, and also brings genuine authorization, and its Taobao price of about 300 yuan, is to make consumers eye-catching. And Tai Jie advocates "a box, family entertainment," the concept of consumption, whether it is really worth the money, and so I reveal for you one by one.

Out of the box feels: Packing intentions, to show off boutique style.

Concise and generous outsourcing, a sturdy and heavy feel, filling the high-end atmosphere.

The rigorous double packaging, the individual packaging of the accessories, and the humanized image icon design on the packaging all show the company's intentions and care, and its unpacking has a face.

WEBOX's small, sleek form factor is unique in the smart box field and is truly loveable. Beautiful shell (optional with a variety of color shell), beautiful arc, much praised by LP in the home, ha!

WEBOX comes standard with a power adapter (with power cord), an HDMI cable, and a 360-degree no-remote remote control. It should be said that the accessories are relatively compact, but they are good enough.

Using a regular 5V2A power adapter, the exterior design is stylish, but if it can be configured to 12V DC to bring higher conversion efficiency, then the box will drive the external hard drive and other external equipment when the power supply will be more powerful and more capable, after all, like The capacity of the 4K film is really worth noting, and often requires an external mobile hard disk and other devices.

The button battery is used for the remote control, which makes the design more compact and light, and the material is comfortable. The ergonomic arched design on the back makes it more suitable for the hand.

In the arrangement of buttons is more appropriate, also suitable for blind hand operation. It is worth mentioning that the remote control adopts 2.4G high-frequency remote control. Compared with the infrared remote control of the general box, it has obvious advantages in the sensitivity and distance sense of signal reception, and the 2.4G air mouse is above 150RMB, so WEBOX Only more than 300 prices, price really high.

The back interface, from left to right, is:

Micro USB: Used to connect the box directly to the computer for operation.

USB interface: It is used for expansion support of peripherals such as mobile hard disk, U disk, gamepad, etc.

HDMI interface: used to connect high-definition television

Network Interface: Used for wired network connection.

Power Interface: 5V power input.

Feature Wechat Album:

Wechat album as one of the key features of the webox really makes the author shine. However, before displaying WeChat's WeChat photo album features, I think it is necessary to remind the users that the WeChat WeChat photo album function actually has two ways: one is the “album” function of the box, which is called by WEBOX. The public number of (WeChat name: tjwebox) implements the photo-pushing function; the other way is to implement photo-pushing through the installation of the TV version of "Tai Jie Video" and the public number called "Tai Jie Assistant". Users can choose from two options to experience WeChat photo sharing. Let the author show you one by one!

First of all, let's experience the WeChat album function that comes with the first box, and select the "Album" to boot.

After entering the "Album", you will find the QR code on the left and use the mobile WeChat to scan it!

After scanning the QR code, choose to focus on the WEBOX public number.

After attention, there will be how to use the WeChat photo album in the WEBOX public number, and send photos to the WEBOX public number as if sending a WeChat image. The success will indicate that the photo has been received.

Back to the box, enter the "Album" in the home page, you can see the photos that have been sent to the WEBOX public number, and also display the WeChat account information that is bound to the box. You can zoom in to enjoy the selected photos.

The second way of WeChat photo album needs to install "TaiJie Video" TV version, first download "TaiJi Video" TV version apk to U disk (or mobile hard disk), and then through the "local browser" to achieve U disk installation "Tai Jie Video" apk.

After installation, return to the home page, you can see the newly installed "TV station" and "Taiwan video" two icons.

Enter “TaiJie Video” and select “WeChat Album”.

You can also see a WeChat QR code on the left, which is also scanned with your mobile phone.

Enter the "Thailand Assistant" public number to bind WeChat, you can send pictures to Tai Jie Assistant. What needs to be reminded is that the photos sent by “Tai Jie Assistant” need to enter the WeChat album in “Tai Jie Video” to see it! It is highly recommended that you install "TaiJie Video", because next we will use "TaiJie Assistant" to experience powerful WeChat on-demand and post-chasing features!

Featured features of WeChat chase drama, WeChat push on demand: (Mother love episode)

Must first install "TaiJie video", the next operation is related to it, has nothing to do with the mango.

Please enter the “On-Demand Settings” of “Taiwan Video” before on-demand and episode, and turn on the pre-caching function to help you download your on-demand (or post-chased) programs in advance when you cannot watch the programs in time. It is a super practical function.

We first entered the "TV series" section, chasing a few on the box.

After chasing it, you can see the repertoire you have been chasing in "Viewing the Dynamics".

Back to the "viewing dynamics" "all" initial page, you can also see a WeChat scan function on the left. If you have already scanned the WeChat album, you do not need to scan it again.

Directly use the mobile phone WeChat to enter the "Tai Jie Assistant" public number, when we have a new update of the TV drama, we will receive the Thai letter assistant's WeChat reminder. Of course, the "smart reminder" operation can also be performed directly on the mobile phone to achieve the WeChat episode. (The specific operation can be seen in the "Teaching Tutorial" of Tai Jie Assistant. I will not repeat them here.)

Taijie Assistant also has a WeChat on-demand feature, whether you are at home or not, you can use the “TV Play” feature to push it to your box via WeChat to achieve remote remote on demand.

You can also add the program you want to watch to the program list, set the playing time, and complete the subscription.

When the time is approaching, or when the story is updated, you can receive a reminder of the Thai Jie assistant. Of course, time will start playing on time.

Personal experience: Although it seems that the author wrote a lot, in fact, the use of WeChat chase drama and on-demand functions of Taijie Assistant is still relatively simple, and the simple point is to simply scan the QR code and get started. It is a kind of gospel for users who are more like to chase dramas in the family and those who are busy with official business or are purebred lazy people. When you want to watch the show, you can subscribe to it via WeChat. The box will be able to cache you in advance. When you come home quietly, you can watch it directly. Think about it all. Of course your box is going online.

Features 4K H265 features a hard solution:

Compared with ordinary 1080P and 720 video 4K video, it has higher resolution, better resolution, better results, and multi-channel support. Of course, the requirements for the box are even higher. Now 4K H265 hard solution performance has gradually become the main indicator of the box competition. WEBOX uses a high-performance combination of quad-core Cortex-A9 processor and eight-core Mali-450 graphics processor, letting the author look forward to its 4K hard solution effect, do not pull And continue...

Go to the "Local Browser" and open the 4K source in the U disk.

This film source is a 4K mkv high bit rate video. It is a concert scene under shadow lighting conditions. It can be seen from the screen that the entire concert has a strong sense of space and color reproduction is in place, especially on the dark side. It's not gray or black, you can clearly see the hands and facial expressions of the crowd. Play is very smooth, but in the last scene “Blasting Fireworks”, the high-gloss picture and the instant dark picture are 1-2 times very slight, but they do not affect the viewing effect.

Resolving power in motion, cloud changes and particle motion in high speed, clear and smooth.

Taijie WEBOX directly supports H265-encoded video hard solutions. Compared to H264 encoding, H265 video requires less network, the same video format is smaller, and it is slightly better than H264-encoded video in terms of clarity. More and more video sites support H265. Therefore, in the future to watch H265 network video, webox has already made hardware requirements for users in advance.

The whole family mobilized father loves movies:

Film resources have always occupied an important position in the living room entertainment form. The richness of the regular film sources in the box is also a major area of ​​box competition. Let's take a look at the WEBOX movie resources together.

First enter the movie resources of “Taiwan Video”.

As many as 18 movie categories, the film source is very rich, and the ultra-clear format, video quality impress.

Automatic search for regular video sources also provides good protection for video quality and clarity. There are even options for Blu-ray source.

The clarity of the Blu-ray source is really good, the fine dust effect, and the low fences in the distance are all clearly visible.

Next, let's take a look at the movie resource of the Mango TV that comes with the box. The film source in the movie module is also very rich. It is particularly worth mentioning that mango TV has designated a 1080P format column, which will be a thoughtful design for the users of the viewing quality.

Take a 1080P goddess movie and relax.

Personal feelings: Tai Jie video film classification is done more meticulously, the film source is also relatively rich, mostly cut to ultra-clear, higher video quality, but the requirements for the network is relatively high. Therefore, whether you choose to look at Taijie or Mango, you still have to decide on the bandwidth of your home. Of course, you can cache it in advance.

The grandfather of the whole family mobilizes live TV:

For users with grandfather at home, live TV is essential, otherwise it will be criticized by the older generation. Fortunately, Tai Jie’s video has helped us to get a direct “TV station” section.

Enter the TV station, press the left and right keys on the remote control to switch to the local channel, Wei video channel, sports channel, music as the carousel and other channel classification, channel resources are very rich, the author can not count the exact number of channels, how many, anyway I can't finish it.

Another way to enter live TV is to enter the "TV station" under "Thailand Video."

It can be found that its classification is almost the same as the previous one, but it is not clear what the "user sharing" category means. If you do not understand it, you will not do it. In any case, it is sufficient to satisfy the old people's viewing needs.

The last way to watch live TV is the “Carousel” section under Mango TV. However, this is relatively simple. Waiting until the video comes out from the screen can only tell you that this is a bad channel. It is too much trouble and it will be criticized. Of course, you can also install other APks such as "Ahu Live" and you can easily get started.

The whole family mobilized baby loves anime:

From the screen visible animation resources of Tai Jie video is very rich, the children met with estimates can not be opened.

High-quality video formats can also protect children's eyes from nearsightedness to a certain extent.

Mango TV has done a good job in anime update and animation theme setting, and video quality is also guaranteed.

Carefully selected applications:

With the development of smart boxes today, it is no longer simply to stack applications on boxes, but rather to provide users with practically needed and carefully selected applications. At this point, WEBOX feels very good to the author. Here are some of the applications I like to illustrate.

The living room K song has always been a writer's hobby, and relatives and friends can gather together for several times. Installed "WEB Karaoke" application of WEBOX's own application mall, you can see this K song apk regardless of song classification, or topic settings are simple and convenient, easy to use. And there are more song sources, and the online update is timely, which really deserves the selected APk.

Grape game hall, playing somatosensory, remote control game essential APk, WEBOX selected for you, direct installation, instant fun remote control game.

Other APk WEBOX, such as parent-child education, fitness and health, stocks, and shopping, has also been featured, and the relationship between them has not been developed one by one.

Tai Jie WEBOX box [excellent] point:

1 Exquisite appearance, colorful shells and thoughtful packaging all give people a great enjoyment.

2 Using 2.4G high frequency remote control remote control, compared to the general infrared remote control, sensitivity and operating range greatly enhanced.

3 WeChat albums, WeChat on demand, WeChat trackbacks, and other WeChat games are easy to use, play a variety of games, and greatly enhance the box's entertainment, fun and intelligence.

4 UI design is simple and neat, and it can quickly find the content to be played. It is easy to operate, suitable for all ages.

5 support 4K hard solution and H265, 4K has a higher resolution, better resolution, better viewing, and H265 more bandwidth than the current H264, picture quality is better, that is to say before looking at the H264 card , now look at the H265 card, this is also the general trend in the future.

6 Genuine resources, whether film or TV drama 1080P, are rich in film sources, stable in connection, updated in time, and more blu-ray source, which is unmatched by many boxes with the same price. At the same time, the live TV channels are rich, the classification is clear, and the live broadcast signal responds quickly, which can fully meet daily needs.

7 The box comes with a selection of APK applications, covering a wide range of applications, features, and usability.

Taijie WEBOX box [missing]:

1 Although the glossy finish is beautiful, the material is EPC, not glass, so the flexibility of the EPC material cannot be avoided. A slight carelessness can leave scratches and affect the appearance. In particular, remember to use cotton cloth when wiping.

2 The conventional 5V2A power adapter is adequate under normal circumstances, but if it can be configured to 12V DC to bring about higher conversion efficiency, then when the box is used to drive external hard drives and other external devices, the power supply will be more powerful and more capable, after all, after all, Like the 4K film and ultra-light source, the cache capacity is really worth noting, and often requires external mobile hard disk and other equipment.

3 USB interface is only slightly less than a bit, if I need to play a big game, this interface is to give the game handle is good or give mobile hard disk, ordinary plug makes me a headache, it is recommended to add a USB interface on the side.

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