Apple Acquires Test Driverless Vehicle in California

There have been no news for Apple's automotive project for several months. However, Business Insider brings the latest developments today: Apple has obtained a California license to test driverless cars in the state. Two years after the news that Apple developed the autopilot technology, Apple's name finally appeared on the California Motor Vehicles Authority's website with a list of companies that have licenses for driverless cars. Time back to September 2015, there are documents showing that Apple was discussing with the Motor Vehicle Administration to review the rules for autonomous vehicles. The latest developments show that Apple will actively participate in the testing of self-driving cars regardless of whether it will ultimately develop its own brand of electric vehicles. Prior to today’s report, Apple’s partner Didi has set up its own automated driving laboratory near Apple’s headquarters. Before that, Apple's name appeared in an open letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States, calling for the authorities not to restrict the testing of self-driving cars. Last fall, a report from KGI reported that Apple’s achievements in augmented reality will be applied to driverless technology, although there have been previous reports that Apple’s vehicle-building plan was terminated and shifted to autopilot technology. Last summer, there were reports that Apple's retired veteran Bob Mansfield was back in the mountains, restarting the Apple Car project, and finally there was no mention of it. Although today’s report does not necessarily indicate that Apple’s electric vehicle program has restarted, it does show that Apple is actively developing driverless car technology.

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