Channel Link III Serial/Deserializer (NS)

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National Semiconductor Corporation (NS) announced the industry's first series of Channel Link III serializers/deserializers that provide zero-latency bidirectional control channels for video equipment. The serial/deserializers deliver clock and high-speed data over a single twisted pair, and a low-speed bidirectional I2C control bus. With this family of chipsets, manufacturers of industrial video equipment, imaging systems and displays can switch to half the diameter of the interconnect, reducing cable costs by 50%.

There are two chipsets in the Channel Link III series serializer/deserializer: one is the DS92LX2121 serializer and the DS92LX2122 deserializer, which can drive an 18-bit color display or drive data channels up to 1050Mbps; One set of chips is the DS92LX1621 serializer and the DS92LX1622 deserializer, which is capable of driving 16-bit data at speeds up to 800 Mbps for compact cameras. The two chipsets feature a low-voltage CMOS (or LVCMOS) parallel interface that operates from 10MHz to 50MHz.

National Semiconductor offers two new chipsets that are part of the company's Channel Link II family for applications that do not require a bidirectional control channel: one is the DS92LV2421 serializer and the DS92LV2422 deserializer, which features an LVCMOS parallel interface; The other set of chips is the DS92LV0421 serializer and the DS92LV0422 deserializer, which features a low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) interface. The DS92LV0421/22 chipset also includes a bridge that provides an upgrade path for the Channel Link serializer/deserializer. Both chips embed high-speed data in the clock signal, capable of transmitting 24-bit data at speeds up to 1.8 Gbps, and operating from 10 MHz to 75 MHz.

The four serializer/deserializer chipsets are available in a variety of different input/output interfaces and have a wide operating frequency range to help system designers transfer video from different sources to displays that support HD standards. in. National's Channel Link III and Channel Link II serializers/deserializers automatically lock raw data from an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or FPGA chip without the need for an external reference clock or training format map. Plug and play."

The four Channel Link III and Channel Link II chipsets have built-in signal conditioning circuitry that delivers high-speed signals to remote displays that are up to twice as long as other serializers/deserializers. The four chipsets are also equipped with spread spectrum timing, so they are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference even in harsh industrial environments. These four serializers/deserializers can withstand electrostatic discharges of Human Body Discharge (HBM) above 8kV while complying with ISO 10605 for electrostatic discharge measurement. Both series of serializers/deserializers are available in temperatures ranging from minus 40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius with built-in self-test (BIST) diagnostics to verify that the transmission line is safe and data is intact.

National's Channel Link III and Channel Link II serializers/deserializers outperform FPGA chips with built-in serializers/deserializers. The main difference is that with National's serializer/deserializer, no additional phase is required. Add a reference clock circuit, an external signal conditioner, a lower noise power supply, an electrostatic discharge protection circuit, or a dedicated circuit layer for the printed circuit board power supply. By eliminating the need for external components, manufacturers can streamline system design while reducing development costs. In addition, the Channel Link III serializer/deserializer has a built-in bidirectional control channel, so there is no need to add a twisted pair, which is superior to the FPGA chip.

Price and availability
The Channel Link III DS92LX2121 in a 40-pin LLP® package and the Channel Link III DS92LX2122 in a 48-pin LLP package are available in 1,000-unit quantities and are priced at $5.30 each in a 32-pin LLP package. The Channel Link III DS92LX1621 chip and the Channel Link III DS92LX1622 chip in a 40-pin LLP package are also available in 1,000-unit quantities and are priced at $5.10 each. Samples of the two chipsets are available now, and volume shipments are scheduled to begin in July 2010.

The Channel Link II DS92LV2421 in a 48-pin LLP package and the Channel Link II DS92LV2422 in a 60-pin LLP package are priced at $5.95 each in a single package. The channel is available in a 36-pin LLP package. The Link II DS92LV0421 and the Channel Link II DS92LV0422 in a 48-pin LLP package are also available in 1,000-unit quantities and are priced at $6.25 each. Samples of the two chipsets are available now, and volume shipments are scheduled to begin in July 2010. These chips are available in lower speed versions from 5MHz to 50MHz.

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