Jingjiang invested 600 million US dollars in Jiangsu Changzhou LED chip project officially started

On April 8th, Jingdian invested 600 million US dollars to build LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing project - Jingpin Optoelectronics (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., held a groundbreaking ceremony in Changzhou Wu Import and Export Processing Zone, Jiangsu Province.

The LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing project invested by Jingyuan Optoelectronics in the Wu Import and Export Processing Zone was signed in Nanjing on December 3, 2009. The project will be constructed in phases, with a total investment of 360 million US dollars and a registered capital of 120 million US dollars. .

The company is expected to be officially produced in April 2011 and the second phase will be followed. The entry of the project is expected to further drive upstream and downstream manufacturers to gather in Changzhou and form a complete semiconductor lighting industry chain in Changzhou.

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