Konka will build a content website for LED users

The content of mobile phone wars is on the rise, and color TV companies are beginning to squeeze into this ranks. Recently, Konka, which announced the first open application platform in the color TV industry, announced that it will build its content website to provide rich network content and application experience for Konka Net Rui LED users through joint innovation of enterprises and consumers.

Huang Xinzhong, general manager of the marketing department of Konka Multimedia Marketing Division, said that Internet TV has become the market standard, and the lack of content has become the constraint of the current development of the Internet TV market compared to the continuous high consumer demand. In the boundless world, the all-open platform that launches consumers and relies on consumers is the key to solving the lack of network TV content, and it is the only effective way to solve the development of color TV network. The reporter was informed that Konka will build a website similar to the App Store to provide consumers with more application experience.

For companies such as Konka to enter the content field, industry experts commented that this is the new business model of the color TV industry, marking the color TV upgrade from product competition to content application competition. There are even experts who boldly predict that, based on the open platform, the future color TV can also pre-store the “call fee” to send TV like the current mobile phone. As long as they have enough data, enough content and applications, companies can also cooperate with operators such as China Telecom to provide consumers with low-cost, even free TV.

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