Energy-saving reflection: small "shade" great potential

A team of 1 retired professor, 4 technicians, 10 laid-off workers... 15 people from Harbin Shiguang Optoelectronic Technology Development Co., Ltd. defeated Philip in the public bidding for the lighting fixtures of the Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center in the near sunset. Thorn and other well-known corporate lighting products, won the stadium's 816 sets of lamps nearly 1.5 million yuan orders. Previously, they had already installed hundreds of lighting fixtures in the production workshop of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Co., Ltd. Their core competencies look "simple" and are "shades."

“Many organizations put the focus of lighting energy conservation on the light source. In fact, the energy-saving space of the lamp reflector is also very large.” Harbin Institute of Technology retired professor Zhao Hengqian told reporters that half of the light energy of the lighting of the factory mine hall can not achieve effective lighting. The luminaire reflector allows the light to be reflected in the hood multiple times before reaching the illumination area, and each reflection loses 5% of the light effect, eventually resulting in a large amount of wasted light.

After establishing the company in 2000, Zhao Hengqian, who is "sword-to-shoulder", is committed to the development and development of high-efficiency energy-saving lamp reflectors for lighting in factories and mines. In 2005, the diamond facelight reflector developed by the company was put into production—the reflective surface of the lamp adopts the shape of the diamond face and the special angle, so that the light that is directed to the ineffective area can reach the illumination area after one reflection, and the luminous efficiency of the lamp is increased to 86.7%. The energy saving rate is 50% to 60%, while the conventional high efficiency luminaire reflector energy saving rate is 30%. "The original 1000-watt bulb, after using our lamps and replaced the 400-watt bulb is also as bright as before." Zhao Hengqian told reporters that the Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center venue lighting lamps were originally designed to be 1000 watts, see their lighting products After that, I decided to use a 400 watt bulb.

Better energy performance also brings good sales. Not long ago, Beijing Benz Auto increased the purchase volume of Harbin Shiguang lamps to 2,400 sets. In the first quarter of this year, Zhao Hengqian’s team has accumulated 5,000 sets of sales orders for lamps with a unit price of more than 1,000 yuan.

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