The world's most peculiar 14 large-scale lighting sculptures (Photos)

Light sculpture is a new form of artistic expression that has emerged in recent years. The dynamic optoelectronic elements are added to the static sculpture design. The combination of movement and quiet makes the ancient sculpture art glow with the atmosphere of the new era and also lights up the modern city. Night view.

1, the cottage "Situtri"

Cottage "Situtri"

Thomas Hirschwick, the architect of the Prince Phillips Award in the United Kingdom, designed the National Aluminium Compass Collection for the National Compass Star Collection. The building of this cube has 5,000 small windows that are all facing the center of the cube. A light source in the center makes these windows glow orange.

2. "Flame" of "Fire Lake"

"Fire" of "Fire Lake"

In the big casino in Oklahoma, called "Fire Lake," there is a two-story, glass-built "flame."

3, the light box

Illuminated squares, visual effects and electronic rhythm are the three elements of this mobile open-air club, which are open to the public in Berlin and Barcelona.

Light square

The acousto-optic sculpture and dynamic space are made up of standard industrial liquid storage containers. The bulbs are placed inside the container, turning the entire plastic container into a huge illuminator. These illuminants can be placed at random to form each Kind of shape.

4. Lighting Museum

Lighting museum

This labyrinth is like a light sculpture located in the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles.

5, fantasy lighting

Fantasy lighting

This dreamy lighting system mainly uses the principle of light reflection. Designed by two young Chilean architects and lighting designers, the lighting system consists of a light-emitting layer and a reflective layer that are made with high-efficiency white LED technology. Then, using a material such as glass or aluminum, the reflective layer is completed.

6, annihilation


This abstract sculpture is called "Oh,".

7, urban lighting art

Urban lighting art

In the lighting art of Tampa, Florida, all LED lighting devices are computer controlled.

8, plastic bottle light sculpture

Plastic bottle light sculpture

The best way to recycle plastic bottles is to reuse them. An Austrian design company designed the lighting system so that anyone who can do the DIY can do whatever they want.

9, aperture


Art work created by British artist Conrad Shawcross.

10, vortex


ZahaHadid's light sculpture, called "Vortex."

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