Korean enterprises monopolize OLED market BOE holds JDI to develop OLED screen

Although BOE's new panel production line has been put into production and has a certain amount of OLED screen technology, there is still a long way to go before the OLED monopoly of South Korean companies. According to reports, BOE will invest in JDI to develop OLED screens and further challenge Samsung and LG.

OLED screen

December 20, 2017 news, Samsung and LG monopolize the OLED screen market is an indisputable fact, although China's screen maker BOE has achieved mass production of OLED screen capabilities, but want to completely break the monopoly of Korean manufacturers still There is difficulty.

However, now BOE intends to cooperate with Japanese display company JDI in an effort to break the monopoly of OLED screen market by Korean manufacturers. According to the latest report from the Japanese media, Japanese display company is discussing about an investment by BOE and three Chinese panel makers for the company's more than 200 billion yen (about 1.8 billion U.S. dollars).

It is reported that before the Japanese government also intends to match Sharp, JDI, Sony and other companies together to establish a Japanese-funded OLED manufacturer alliance to fight against Korean manufacturers in the dominance of the OLED screen. Although Japanese manufacturers have not yet reached an alliance, with the cooperation of JDI and BOE, Tianma Microelectronics, and China Star Optoelectronics, Japanese manufacturers are bound to make qualitative progress in mass production of OLED screens.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Japanese manufacturers slow progress in the development of OLED screens because of funding shortages, JDI because of the continued decline in performance in recent years led to a shortage of funds, so its investment in the BOE is quite a gift. In addition, if BOE's capital injection is successful, it may also share technology acquired in the OLED screen with JDI, which is undoubtedly a good thing for Japanese manufacturers.

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