Up to 1,500 yuan, these thousand-class phones are comparable to high-end machines.

[PConline sea election shopping guide] In recent years, low-cost high-profile mobile phones have become the trend of the mobile phone market, occupy an important position in the mobile phone market, some mobile phones priced at around 1,000 yuan can provide several high-end mobile phone configuration, so that the purchase budget is less Consumers can also experience the fun of high-end mobile phones. As the saying goes, there is no good for cheap. However, it is not absolute in real life, and cheap things may not be good. Mobile phones not only have different configuration specifications, but also have relatively large price gaps. When we buy mobile phones, we often face the problem of a purchase budget. Consumers with better economic conditions can exchange a flagship mobile phone of an international brand every year. Four or five thousand yuan is not a problem, and the economy is not independent or has a small income. Consumers often can only buy a low-priced mobile phone like the thousand yuan. A large number of low-cost and high-end mobile phones have emerged. Some mobile phones with configuration specifications are priced at only about 1,000 yuan. It is not empty talk to buy a high-performance mobile phone for several hundred yuan, and high-cost performance has been reflected in a large area in the field of mobile phones. Although high-end mobile phones have high standards of design, after all, it is costly to purchase, and low-cost mobile phones cannot be said to be useless because there are also some very popular hot models at the thousand-dollar mobile phones, which are worth buying for consumers with less budget. . Next, Xiao Bian introduced several thousand-dollar best-selling models. They are the glory 8 youth edition, charm blue 5s, Huawei Chang enjoy 6S, 360 mobile phone N5, the price is lower than 1500 yuan. Recommended models: glory 8 Youth Edition Reference price: 1099 yuan from the recommended reason: high value mobile phone Glory 8 Youth Edition is a new star in the field of mobile phones with a thousand yuan level. At the beginning of the listing, it has a high degree of attention. The starting price is only 1,099 yuan, which is lower than Glory 8. In terms of hardware configuration, Glory 8 Youth Edition has a certain change compared to Glory 8, equipped with an efficient and low-power Kirin 655 eight-core processor, 5.2 inches 1080P full HD screen, 3GB or 4GB RAM, 32GB or 64GB ROM , Front 8 million pixel camera, rear 12 million pixel camera, 3000mAh non-removable battery. Glory 8 Youth Edition continues glory 8 design style and comfortable grip. Glory 8 Youth Edition with full virtual key design still has no physical buttons on the front, and the mirror-textured front panel is covered with 2.5D arc glass. The design of the narrow border high screen ratio is in line with the fashion trend. The rear dual camera design adopted by the Glory 8 has become a rear single camera design on the Glory 8 Youth Edition. This is a change. Glory 8 youth version on the system is built with the latest EMUI 5.0 system, EMUI 5.0 Payment Security Center provides a separate clean applications running space, can be isolated from malicious programs to get user information in the background while users can also in the payment area download After the official review of the genuine payment application, to prevent the password from being stolen by the cottage application. In regards to the hardware configuration of computing performance, the glory 8 Youth Edition uses a slightly lower unicorn 655 eight-core processor than the ultimate Unicorn 950, and the GPU is the Mali-T830 MP2. The memory and storage space are also available in 3GB+32GB (Standard Edition), 4GB+32GB (High Edition), and 4GB+64GB (Premium Edition), supporting up to 128GB of MicroSD card expansion. Glory 8 Youth Edition is equipped with a rear camera 12 million pixels, with F / 2.2 large aperture, pixel area of ​​1.25μm. Front 8 million pixel camera with F / 2.0 large aperture, 27mm wide-angle and LCD screen fill light function. Glory 8 Youth Edition provides rich shooting functions such as HDR, time-lapse photography, watermark, voiced photo, panorama, laser shutter, slow motion, etc., and supports PDAF phase focusing. Edit Comment: Glory 8 is a very cost-effective mobile phone, but it still exceeds the purchase budget of some people. The Glory 8 Youth Edition is a lot cheaper than the Glory 8, but it continues the design of the Glory 8, and the overall performance has not dropped significantly, making it even more affordable. Glory 8 Youth Edition is the new model, but unlike high-priced mobile phones, such as the price of space is relatively large, this phone's price reduction space is very small, consumers interested in this phone is not necessary to wait and see. Related Reading: Glory 8 Youth Edition Review: Mirror Design, More Than Thousand Dollar Aesthetics Http://mobile.pconline.com.cn/884/8842180.html Recommended models: Charm Blue 5s Reference price: 799 yuan from the recommended reason: low-cost fast charge mobile phone Charm Blue 5s is a model designed for consumers with lower purchase budgets, and the starting price of 799 yuan is quite low. As a replacement product of Charm Blue 3s, Charm Blue 5s has a more obvious upgrade on screen size, fast charging support and memory. Its screen size has been increased from 5.0 inches of Meizu 3s to 5.2 inches, and 9V/2A has been added quickly. Charging support, running memory starts at 3GB. Charm Blue 5s has a built-in 3000mAh battery and supports 9V/2A fast charging (the machine is equipped with a charger supporting 5V/9V-2A output). Under normal circumstances, it will stand for more than 1 day. Charm Blue 5s design and Charm Blue Note 5, this slightly tough design style from last year's Charm Blue E has been retained until now, despite the high degree of recognition, but it will inevitably fall into the embarrassing situation of the masking. Charm Blue 5s is covered with a 2.5D arc glass, which is a very popular screen design. Like Charm Blue 3s, Charm Blue 5s integrates the mTouch Fingerprint Recognition Home button, which makes fingerprint recognition very convenient. Charm Blue 5s front camera 500 million pixels, with 4P lens and F2.0 aperture, support for 69 ° wide-angle, ArcSoft beauty algorithm, Face AE face exposure enhancement algorithm. Post-face, Charm Blue 5s uses a 13 million pixel camera, using 5P mirror design, aperture is F/2.2, equipped with dual color temperature flash, support phase focus function, allegedly the fastest speed can reach 0.2s focus. As far as the shooting results are concerned, there is no problem in satisfying everyday beats. Charm Blue 5s equipped with a MediaTek eight-core processor (28nm process technology, 8 × 1.3GHz A53 architecture, Mali-T720 GPU), together with 3GB RAM + 16/32GB ROM (support expansion), to meet the entry-level consumer Demand. Charm Blue 5s is equipped with Flyme 5.2 system based on Android 6.0. Flyme 5 adopts a very simple and bright flat design that is very popular nowadays, and then it is elegant and stylish. It is in line with the current aesthetics of young people. Flyme's grab red package function is very easy to use. When a red envelope arrives, it can immediately jump into the contact interface. You just need to directly click on the red envelope. Edit Comment: Charm Blue 5s is a relatively affordable new option for consumers with a low purchase budget. Charm Blue 5s configuration specifications in the same price model no disadvantage. Fast charging, 3GB RAM, fingerprint recognition, and grabbing red envelopes are all more suitable for young people. Such a mobile phone is almost impossible to reduce the price, there is no need to wait. Related Reading: Charm Blue 5s Review: Fast charge to increase storage, 799 yuan rare ability to send Http://mobile.pconline.com.cn/883/8834920.html Recommended models: Huawei enjoys 6S Reference price: 1499 yuan Recommended reason: 3020mAh battery As a long-term mobile phone, Chang enjoy 6S configuration specifications are not low, the battery capacity is 3020mAh. Chang enjoy 6S equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 1.4GHz (8 core), 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, 5-inch 720P HD screen, front 500 million pixel camera, rear 13 million pixel camera. Huawei enjoys 6S metal body design, and provides three classic gold, silver, pink color matching, sleek and compact body to cater to the preferences of young groups, the top of the fuselage light sensor from waist to round, The 5 megapixel front camera is also closer to the handset and more visually symmetrical and harmonious. Huawei Changsha 6S with built-in 3020mAh battery still maintains the enviable thinness. It supports dual card dual standby 4G Netcom's use of its or card slot, users can choose to insert two Nano SIM cards or insert up to 128GB Micro SD card expansion, card slot and the fuselage fit together, workmanship is remarkable. Huawei enjoys 6S operation Huawei EMUI 4.1 system, based on Android 6.0 build, mature bottom optimization and rich system features sufficient to meet the needs of most users. The desktop has a flat style icon design. Huawei experienced a steady and mature style after multiple versions of the desktop. The icons are sleek and smooth, and the design and operation of the desktop are easy. The pull-down notification bar can turn on the quick switch. There is no difficulty in single-handed operation under the 5.0-inch screen. Huawei enjoys the 6S built-in Hexagon V56 coprocessor, which supports real-time pedometer and activity status recognition under ultra-low power consumption. It can be linked with mobile applications such as WeChat, etc., and can be shared by real-time pedometers and friends at anytime and anywhere. In terms of shooting, Huawei enjoys 6S using 13 million rear camera, equipped with 5P optical lens, support PDAF phase focusing technology, focusing fast and accurate, image quality is good for a thousand Yuan machine. The 5 megapixel front camera with 80° wide-angle design supports real-time beauty self-timer and LCD fill light, and the nighttime self-shooting effect is improved relative to the Changxiang 6, which can meet the needs of most self-portrait lovers. Edit Comment: Huawei's overall configuration specification for 6S has a certain gap compared with the flagship handset, but this is only a thousand yuan machine after all, and the performance can meet the needs of ordinary consumers, while the 3020mAh battery is not very big, but Supporting a standby time of more than 1 day is not a problem. Huawei enjoys a price of 1499 yuan for the 6S, and there is little room for subsequent price cuts. Consumers who are interested in this phone do not have the need to wait and see. Related Reading: Qianyuan Gaoyan Flagship Huawei Enjoys 6S Review: Metal Body, Fingerprint Playmanship Http://mobile.pconline.com.cn/867/8671820.html Recommended models: 360 mobile phone N5 Reference price: 1399 yuan from the recommended reason: 6G memory 360 mobile phones often bring surprises to consumers, spending more than 1,000 yuan generally can only buy 3GB RAM mobile phones, 4GB RAM mobile phones are rare in this price. Last year, 360 mobile phones launched a variety of N series have achieved good sales, 360 mobile phones and launched the N series of the latest models - N5. Relative to the N4 series models, the 360 ​​mobile phone N5 has a stronger hardware configuration, of which, RAM memory capacity reached 6GB, and this phone's starting price is only 1399 yuan (32GB ROM version), with 64GB ROM version sold The price is 1599 yuan, are ultra-low-cost 6GB mobile phone. 360 mobile phone N5 is still in the appearance of 360 family style, rounded corners, simple body elements and the use of 2.5D arc glass makes the machine look very natural simplicity. The front camera and light sensor have become symmetrical, and the opening has been made to a uniform size, which is cleaner and more integrated than the 360 ​​phone N4S. The 360 ​​mobile phone N5 uses a front camera array of 8 million + rear 13 million pixels. The front camera is equipped with a hidden soft light that can be used for self-timer shooting in low-light environments. It also includes FotoNation 4.0 smart. Make-up features that provide real-time beauty previews. 360 mobile phone N5 is equipped with a 360 OS 2.0 system based on depth customization of Android 6.0. The beautiful lock screen pictorial will change the wallpaper of different styles according to the date and season, each time unlocking the screen will bring different freshness. In terms of functions, the “black technology” application built into the 360 ​​OS also brings many practical features, such as multi-numbers, red-letter reminders, and application aliases, which have been integrated into the system. In addition, they are built into the 360 ​​mobile phone N5. The Infinity, FastZone, and Transform functions have these three functions that make 6G memory more useful. 360 mobile phone N5 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 eight-core processor, and has 6GB of running memory, this configuration not only in the same price of the model has a very high price, even beyond a number of high-end flagship models of 3,000 yuan level . There is no pressure to cope with daily entertainment and large-scale online games. The 32GB version and the 64GB version provided by the 360 ​​mobile phone N5 use the eMMC 5.1 storage chip. The 360 ​​mobile phone N5 equipped with 4000mAh high-capacity battery also supports the optimization of power saving at the bottom level of the system, and provides users with a long battery life experience through different power saving modes and background hibernation mechanisms. Edit Comment: Low prices are the killer of market competition. At present, mobile phones equipped with 6GB RAM are generally priced at more than 3,000 yuan, compared to 360 mobile phone N5's price advantage is very obvious, after all, only need more than 1,000 yuan can have a 6GB memory mobile phone. For a mobile phone priced at only 1,399 yuan, the configuration of the 360 ​​mobile phone N5 is undoubtedly very high, and there is no comparable model in the same price model. If your purchase budget is only 1,500 yuan, then you can consider 360 mobile phone N5. Summary: Several models introduced above are concerned about high prices and low prices. They are in a hot state and worth buying. Charm Blue 5s is an ideal choice for consumers who purchase budget less than RMB 1,000 and need fast charging and fingerprint recognition. The purchase budget is about 1,000 yuan. Young people who focus on value can choose to honor the 8th Youth Edition. Huawei Enjoy 6S is worth purchasing for consumers with low purchasing budget and long-term life. The 360 ​​mobile phone N5 is suitable for consumers who are looking to purchase a low-cost 6GB memory phone. Related Reading: 360 mobile phone N5 evaluation: In addition to security, fast charging 6GB storage is also readily available Http://mobile.pconline.com.cn/884/8849220.html

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