After the camera has been invincible? Samsung S8 will greatly enhance the front lens

Tencent digital news (water blue) With the gradual approach of the Samsung GALAXY S8 release, this new machine more information on the configuration has begun to surface. Recently, according to the South Korean media etnews report, Samsung will add auto-focus function to the front lens of GALAXY S8, and replace the common voice coil motor drive method with a new encoder type auto focus device, thereby reducing the thickness of the front camera This will make the front of the mobile phone even more flat, but it is not yet clear what the specific specifications and parameters of the front camera are.

New front camera

In the past, the front lens of the Samsung mobile phone was a fixed-focus focusing method. The advantage of this is that the camera module is small and the cost is relatively low. However, as users' demand for self-portraits increases, Samsung is ready to introduce auto-focus on the front lens to obtain clearer photos. According to the South Korean media etnews report, the front lens of the Samsung GALAXY S8 will support the auto focus function for the first time, but the design of the camera module will adopt new technologies.

Specifically, the front camera module of Samsung GALAXY S8 will use an encoder-type device instead of the conventional common voice coil motor (VCM) driving method. The biggest advantage of this new design is that the focus motor is placed on the lens. The side of the lens, rather than the center of the lens group, can reduce the thickness of the entire camera module, and will make the front forehead portion of the mobile phone more flat in the future. However, the Korean media did not disclose the specific specifications of the Samsung GALAXY S8 front lens, such as whether it will upgrade to 8 million pixels and so on.

Four lens designs

It is worth mentioning that, because the rumored Samsung GALAXY S8 will also join the iris recognition technology, so plus the aircraft may be equipped with dual cameras for the first time, so the Samsung GALSXY S8 may become the first real models equipped with four lenses, respectively An iris recognition lens, a front lens and a dual camera on the back.

However, compared to other dual-camera solutions from other manufacturers, the Samsung GALAXYS8's dual cameras are also equipped with a new design. The two lenses are responsible for focusing/photometry and imaging respectively. Among them, a lens sensor will remove the color filter, support full-pixel phase focusing and metering, has a high-speed continuous shooting function, may be provided by Sony sensor, while the other lens sensor is responsible for imaging, from Samsung's own home Delivery.

Support voice payment

Samsung GALAXY S8 is also ready to make major changes in the design, not only may adopt a screen with a screen ratio of up to 90%, but will also use the optical fingerprint recognition technology to completely remove the Home key, as far as the processor will be starting 骁Dragon 835 processor, and will also be based on the differences between the market and operators, launched version equipped with their own Exynos processor.

In addition to a major upgrade in hardware, the Samsung GALAXY S8 will also be a breakthrough in voice technology. According to foreign media reports, this Samsung's flagship voice assistant will have two versions for men and women, with the male name Bixby and the female voice Kestra. At the same time Samsung will also launch a related voice payment service and be named "Bixby Pay", which means that the aircraft will also have voice payment functions similar to the iPhone 7 in the future.

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