What should pay attention to during maintenance and overhaul of photovoltaic inverter

Introduction: In general, PV inverters have a service life of 5-10 years. If they are used or improperly maintained, their lifetime will be severely shortened. In order to prolong the life of photovoltaic inverters, it is particularly important to maintain them and perform timely repairs.

What should pay attention to during maintenance and overhaul of photovoltaic inverter

What precautions do we have during PV inverter maintenance and overhaul?

1. Regularly check whether the wiring of each part of the inverter is firm and loose. In particular, check the fan, power module, input terminal, output terminal, and ground wire.

2. Check whether the input and output wires and cables have aging or scratched skin. Do not remove the input and output terminal blocks and their protective covers at random. If non-professionals accidentally dismantle, the metal live parts of the input and output terminals must be exposed.

3. Once the alarm is stopped, it is not possible to start the machine immediately. It is necessary to check the cause and fix it before starting up. The inspection must be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the inverter maintenance manual.

4. Before maintenance, the electrical connection between the PV inverter and the grid must be disconnected, and the DC-side electrical connection must be disconnected. Wait at least 5 minutes for the internal components to discharge.

5, professionals in the maintenance work, we must strictly abide by the product warning signs, wear room gloves, see the circuit board to avoid unnecessary contact, do not use the exposed head directly to your side of the power device and heat sink To prevent burns.

6. The operator must be professionally trained before taking up the job. He must have the ability to determine the cause of the general failure and resolve it, for example, he must be able to replace the fuses, components, and damaged circuit boards. Untrained personnel are not allowed to operate and use related equipment.

7. In the event that an unclearable accident or unclear cause of the accident occurs, a detailed record of the accident shall be made and the photovoltaic inverter manufacturer shall be promptly notified to help solve the problem.

The above are the precautions for maintenance and overhaul of PV inverters. Remember it!

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