Tesla will host the pure electric GT event, its own Model S P100D will play

It is reported that Tesla will launch a racing series in 2017 to participate in the self-organized pure electric GT event (EGT), and Model S will participate.

Tesla will hold a pure electric GT event. Its Model S P100D will play.

Each team's standard entry model is designated P85+ and will be adjusted for suspension, wheel and aerodynamic kits. Before the game officially began, Tesla decided to include the Model S P100D in the camp and open up the EGT V2.0 group. This grouping according to the motivation of participating vehicles is a common practice in general EGT events.

Like the P85+, the newly added P100D parameters are also almost super-run: the maximum power is 760 hp (567 kW), the 1-100 km acceleration takes only 2.5 seconds, and the vehicle weight is also greatly reduced, and the weight loss is 1102 lbs (500 kg). .

Tesla will hold a pure electric GT event. Its Model S P100D will play.

Whether it is a standard group of P85 models or a V2.0 group represented by P100D, the competition form will be the same, including 20 minutes of practice, 20 minutes of qualifiers, 60 kilometers of daytime and then 60 kilometers. Dusk race. It can be said that the competition itself is an innovation and expansion in the field of racing, which is a new era of pure electric racing competition.

Tesla will hold a pure electric GT event. Its Model S P100D will play.

The event will be launched globally with a fleet of 10 countries and about 20 professional drivers.

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