Apple grabs the new patent for car networking: iphone into a car remote control device

According to Appl eInsider, the US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Apple US Patent No. 8,868,254 - "Geographic Fence Access Control System". In layman's terms, the iPhone has become an advanced car remote control. The car needs to be equipped with a car service similar to CarPlay.

According to the patent description, the remote control system is capable of intelligently monitoring and invoking some functions of the car based on the "geo fence".

First, the vehicle installs a specific accessory (such as a CarPlay device), and the accessory can establish a connection with the iPhone, enabling the car to communicate with the iPhone based on geographic location information.

When the iPhone receives a signal from the car, it can generate a virtual fence around the car and monitor the location of the phone relative to the car. Once the phone and the car are reduced to a predetermined distance, the phone can automatically send a control signal to the car accessory - the door is automatically unlocked or the engine is automatically turned on.

To prevent accidents, you can set specific control rules. For example, the user must sit in the driver's seat and the car accessory can start the car engine.

In addition, you can set up multiple different geofences to control different car functions. For example, a layer of geofence is set to open or unlock the door, while another layer of geofence is set to turn on the engine. Or, when the owner of the iPhone is very close to the rear of the car, the trunk will open intelligently.

In some embodiments of the patent description, the car accessory also has a cellular connection function. At this point, the iPhone continuously monitors the user's movements and feeds the location information back to the car attachment. When it is determined that the user will arrive at the vehicle after 5 minutes, the car will turn on the air conditioner in advance to adjust the indoor temperature to the optimal state.

Apple grabs the new patent for car networking: iphone into a car remote control device

It is not yet possible to determine whether and when Apple will apply the patent to CarPlay. And we also know that car manufacturers are not very positive about CarPlay, which leads to the promotion of the service is very slow, and only Ferrari has launched a new car with CarPlay.

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