Data collection in vehicle equipment

Data collection, or DAQ for short, is a broad concept that essentially refers to the collection and storage of data from various data sources (often referred to as data sources such as analog or digital sensors) for subsequent analysis. Of course, data collection is widely used in different industries, and often runs through the entire process of the industry project, mainly used in electronic control systems, especially in the testing phase of automotive systems.

For vehicles, including hybrid electric vehicles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, engineering or excavation equipment, agricultural machinery or marine machinery, data collection equipment is used for verification of new equipment development, batch A series of tests before production, on-site testing and quality certification testing, component life testing and usability testing applications. Data collection is mainly to meet the government's increasingly stringent vehicle exhaust emissions, fuel economy and other aspects of monitoring requirements, but also to meet the customer's own standards for vehicle durability, including shifting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. test.

data storage

The data recorded is derived from electronic control units (ECUs) and sensor networks throughout the body, often with direct data to the PC. However, where data is stored and processed depends on the purpose of the measurement and the amount of data acquired. As Mr. Christoph Mühleis, Product Director of Kvaser Partner CSM (Company Website: ), said: “In general, direct processing of automotive component test data and immediate results, for some long-term measurements such as usability or durability For testing, etc., the test data needs to be downloaded to the local area and transmitted over the air at any time.

For other reasons you need to download the data locally or for local storage. Ms. Cyrilla Menon's Marketing Director/Application Engineer at Accurate Technologies Ltd. (Company Website:) stated: “Usually the environment in which our data logger users are located often does not allow PCs to function well, such as motorcycles (on motorcycles). PCs can't be installed at all), mining machinery, or some intermittent errors (such as engineers can't stay in one place)," Kenter's hardware manager Kent Lennartsson added: "In these cases, Data loggers with larger mainboard memory can store more data locally and transfer them to a PC for post processing."

DAQ processing

Today's cars integrate multiple electronic control units (ECUs) with controller area networks (CANs), and hundreds of sensor networks determine the need to detect and monitor more physical and electrical parameters of the car. This means that you need a test device with more channels, faster speeds, and higher accuracy. “Even in mobile applications, the number of channels and sampling rates is expanding. This trend determines the need for high-speed fieldbus systems, such as Ethernet technology based on EtherCAT,” Mühleis said. Kvaser's technical partner New Eagle (company website:) also saw this demand from high-end calibration users, and IPETRONICK (company website:) has developed a data record with 12 controller area networks (CAN). The instrument responded to this trend. Kvaser also automates and accurately synchronizes clocks between several Kvaser Leaf Professional interfaces through its proprietary, patented Magisync technology to address the growing demand for multi-channel DAQ.

Ms. Menon of Accurate Technologies pointed out: “For new vehicles (such as hybrids, electric drives, high-performance transmissions, etc.), high sampling rates are required to accurately reflect various parameter data. However, users always try to A balance is struck between the demand and the corresponding cost, and there are situations in which too many data that are difficult to analyze are collected.” To offset the negative impact of generating large amounts of data, users only need to maximize the amount of data collected. Relevance, that is, only collect useful data. A typical example is a data logger that uses an integrated high-performance microprocessor, such as Kvaser's Eagle product interface and data logger, which can be programmed for automotive filters and complex triggering conditions. This allows the Eagle interface to continuously detect the system and collect only data for specific situations, such as failures.

Mobile measurement

Data mining hardware has been a bottleneck in the field of data acquisition. However, according to the speed of information technology advancement revealed by Moore's Law, with the improvement of the performance and speed of most of the electronic components currently running, superimposed on the rapidly developing storage technology, users are now facing The biggest challenge is no longer the hardware mining but the post-data collection phase. In particular, how to send and collect the collected data is one of the problems currently faced. Therefore, whether it is environmental monitoring or remote device diagnostics, there is an increasing demand for tools that can operate independently and implement wireless data transmission.

CSM's Mühlei mentioned: "We have noticed that online monitoring of vehicles under test is becoming a trend when data traffic is allowed for radio transmission. For example, many of these tests are conducted by working with customers to achieve understanding. Customer's vehicle usage habits.” New Eagle Inc. of the United States also noted that as the performance test requirements continue to increase, the demand for digital data processing with telematics capabilities has also increased significantly. Tom Dougan, sales engineer at New Eagle, said: "The purpose of this type of demand is to optimize vehicle performance, such as fuel visibility, trip management, equipment safety, such as arm lift, and vehicle diagnostics. "IPTRONIK's Ottofuelling also agreed that remote data mining is an important new trend," he said. "We downloaded the collected data from the data logger through different modems. Which modem is used depends entirely on the vehicle's global road surface. s position."

Ms. Menon of Accurate Technology pointed out that “remote” can have different definitions: “The most common application is to install digital hardware inside the test unit and install the PC outside the unit. (such as buildings or countries located in two places), remote data acquisition can be divided into two categories - real-time acquisition and non-real-time acquisition. For our customers, they do not need to pay attention to remote data in real time, but they need to transfer large amounts of data. Going to the server for subsequent analysis.” This will be a big challenge. Mr. Mhüleis of CSM explained that “the coverage of high-performance networks such as UMTS or LTE is still quite limited. However, with the mobile Internet at the customer level With more and more applications, these areas will be greatly promoted in the future."

A related trend is to measure the mobile access of data, which is why Kvaser engineers developed a software for the tablet Android system for Kvaser's Blackbird wireless bus analyzer connected to the USB interface. The trend of digital products developed by IPETRONIK is also taken into account. According to Mr. Ottofuelling: "We have developed a new tablet application with a connection from the controller area network to the wireless LAN gateway. This application makes it possible to view real-time data from the vehicle, which allows the user to The vehicle was inspected before the road was inspected and the vehicle was running well.” In addition, IPETRONIK also saw an increase in demand for cloud storage and cloud computing. "We are expanding our services to load data into the cloud. We have begun to offer data hosting services, and since March 2014, our IPEmoTIon data collection software has been able to analyze and report on data stored in the cloud."

The future of data mining tools

From a software perspective, CSM focuses on hybrid and electric vehicle development toolchain solutions, while New Eagle is committed to bringing new applications to the market that are specifically targeted at data acquisition solutions. The company is developing a data acquisition system that seamlessly interfaces with existing and developing Matlab/Simulink and MotoHawk (the company's software tool suite) models.

Mr. Ottofuelling also pointed out a trend that has a major impact on hardware functionality: "We found that dataloggers are now increasingly acting as 'data gateways' between systems to achieve inter-system communication." Mr. Lennartsoon of Kvaser agrees. A point of view, he also pointed out: "A WiFi-enabled interactive interface or data acquisition device can connect separate systems. A major trend is to permanently install such devices, as long as the tested system reaches a certain access hotspot, stored in The interface data is transmitted to the computer at any location in the world for analysis."

The IPETRONIK R&D department is concerned with the rise of Flexray bus technology in some vehicles, with the customer's demand for high-speed signals, ie very high sampling rates and “big data” acquisition and recording. Ms. Menon also pointed out that Accurate Technologies' newly released software can meet the ever-increasing demands of hardware by improving data processing capabilities. From the perspective of Kvaser's future development, this will include solutions for high-speed controller area networks (CAN-FD) and Ethernet controller area networks. Summarizing Mr. Lennartsson's point of view: "These two trends will greatly increase the amount of data that needs to be stored, thereby forcing changes in user behavior. The future storage and analysis of data is no longer simply a specific The central processor handles it. Conversely, as server/cloud storage technologies mature, data storage and analysis will be anywhere, anytime."

“Users are always trying to strike a balance between the need for data and the corresponding cost, and there are situations where too many data that are difficult to analyze are collected,” said Ms. Cyrilla Menon of Accurate Technologies.

"We have noticed that online monitoring of vehicles under test is becoming a trend as data traffic allows for radio transmission," said Christoph Mühlei of CSM.

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