From discrete components to smart ICs, ROHM layout has a high profile

At the "16th China International Hi-Tech Fair", Roma's booth was crowded, and the engineers on the scene were patiently explaining the latest products of Roma to the guests.

Founded in Kyoto in 1958, Roma Semiconductor started out as a small electronic component. After more than 50 years of development, ROHM has become one of the world's leading semiconductor companies, especially in the field of power and sensors. At the high-tech fair, ROHM's presentations included nine exhibition areas: power components, analog power supplies, communication solutions, sensor solutions, technology convergence, LED intelligent lighting solutions, automotive electronics, ASSP/general products & modules. Miniaturized technical innovations in products and discrete components, each of which exhibits the highest level of technology in the industry.

Before the rom booth, people came and went

Strengthening discrete components, Roma is thick and thin

In ROHM's English name ROHM, "R" refers to the initial letter of the company's original main product Resistor (resistor), and also represents "Reliability", "ohm" is the unit of resistance Ω (ohm ), put together to form the ROHM. It can be seen that the importance of discrete components for ROHM can even be said that discrete components constitute the cornerstone of Rom's continuous development.

From discrete components to smart ICs, ROHM layout has a high profile

ROHM develops chip resistors that are best suited for high-precision smartphones

In recent years, with the popularization of the concept of Internet of Things and the rapid development of wearable devices, people have put forward new requirements for discrete components. In the case of a smartphone, in order to make the device work properly, it is necessary to control the voltage and current inside the device. Generally, more than 100 resistors are used, which requires the resistor to have a small enough size and lower power consumption. In response to these demands, ROHM has developed the industry's highest level of low-resistance 100mΩ 0201inch current-sensing chip resistors. By adopting new materials and new structures, this product has improved heat dissipation and stabilized the rated power at 0.1W, which is twice as large as the general-purpose products of the same size. In addition, in the low-resistance range of 0201inch products, the first use temperature range of -55 ~ 155 ° C, which can be used not only in portable devices, but also in a wider range of applications.

In the field of power components, ROHM strengthens IC, TR, and DI power component product lines with SiC as the core. As a new generation of power device materials, SiC (silicon carbide) has outstanding performance at high temperatures, low power loss, and high speed, making SiC more power efficient in a wide variety of applications. The BSM120D12P2C005 and BSM180D12P2C101 SiC power modules developed by ROHM combine high-speed switching, low switching loss, high-speed recovery and other functions to eliminate component degradation caused by parasitic diode energization. They are widely used in motor drive, solar power, wind power, induction heating and other equipment. . It is worth mentioning that, before Roma led the world, the world's first mass production of "full SiC" power modules.

Smart wireless communication solutions are eye-catching

Among all the exhibits, ROHM is pushing two communication solutions, one of which is the battery-free EnOcean wireless communication module. This module enables wireless communication and energy harvesting with minimal energy consumption and has achieved international standards for the first time in the world, in lighting, air conditioning, HEMS (Home Energy Management System), BEMS (Building Energy Management System), There are applications in areas such as monitoring. What is the principle of this scheme?

From discrete components to smart ICs, ROHM layout has a high profile

Wireless communication module without battery, wireless communication and energy harvesting with minimal energy consumption

We all know the law of electromagnetic induction. When a part of the conductor of a closed circuit is used to cut the magnetic induction line in the magnetic field, the conductor will generate current. This wireless communication module is based on this law. The on-site Roma engineer explained while explaining: When the user presses the switch, the switch cuts the magnetic induction line generated by the magnet embedded in the switch, thereby generating a current, and the current generates a specific frequency of electromagnetic waves through a coil of a certain number of turns, and the receiving module receives After the electromagnetic wave signal is reached, the relevant commands are executed. The whole system does not need a battery, and can be completely wireless. The transmission radius is 200 meters in the open area, and the blocking transmission distance is 30~50 meters, which fully meets the requirements of household use and is environmentally friendly.

ROHM's second main product is the world's first baseband IC BU82204MWV based on the "HD-PLC" inside standard. The Roma engineers at the site pointed out that in the built environment of reinforced concrete and metal frames, there is a large amount of signal interference, the communication quality of wireless communication equipment is degraded, and there are even security concerns. To compensate for these shortcomings, ROHM has been focusing on the "HD-PLC" research that effectively utilizes the wired power line network, and joined "HD-PLC" in 2012 to develop a baseband IC that complies with the "HD-PLC" inside.

This product has built-in ARM core, in addition to "HD-PLC" inside baseband processing, it also equipped with TCP/IP protocol processor to reduce the load when "HD-PLC" is imported. The data interface connected to the main CPU uses UART and SPI, and the peripheral control uses I2C, PWM and GPIO to easily build the system. In addition, the new product can be introduced into the intermittent operation function. Compared with the original "HD-PLC" Complete standard, the power consumption of the received signal during standby is reduced to about 1/30.

Multiply and acquire to provide the best solution

Although Roma has made a fortune with discrete components, Roma has long been confined to the proposal for component monoliths. Instead, it combines the advantages of LSI and discrete components and modules to provide customers with a system that combines digital and analog technologies. solution.

In recent years, from the development stage, Roma has cooperated with CPU manufacturers to combine the technical advantages of both parties to realize the overall optimization of the system, and to provide better services to customers. In cooperation with Intel, ROHM has integrated its power management technology (PMIC) into the Intel Atom processor E600 series and E3800 series chipsets to optimize the power modules of tablets, ultrabooks and IVIs.

From discrete components to smart ICs, ROHM layout has a high profile

In cooperation with Intel, ROHM has integrated its power management technology into the Intel Atom processor E600 series and E3800 series chipsets, optimizing the power modules of tablets, ultrabooks and IVIs.

In fact, Roma also draws on the strengths of each company through mergers and acquisitions to highlight its core strengths. In 2009, ROHM acquired Kionix, a world-class supplier of MEMS accelerometers. In addition, ROHM acquired LAPIS Semiconductor, a semiconductor company with excellent sensor processing technology such as image recognition, in 2008. The ROHM Group has the world's top sensor lineup.

Adhere to quality first

The "business purpose" established by ROHM at the time of its establishment is to contribute to the development and progress of culture through the supply and manufacture of excellent products that "always put quality first." After summing up more than 50 years of development experience, ROHM has developed four development strategies of “multiplying strategy”, “power device strategy”, “LED strategy” and “sensor network strategy”. These strategies are to create comfort and safety. The key factor of intelligent life is also the only way for Roma to open a new chapter in the future.

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