Research on Electronic Operation Control Interface

In the production process, when the process parameters do not meet the requirements of the process documents, the equipment is still continuously produced in the automatic operation mode, causing problems such as low product qualification rate. It can also manually control its operation, which facilitates the process personnel to explore different process requirements for different products. The man-machine interface management program is edited under the full Chinese menu selection software ADPN. After completion, it is directly downloaded to the man-machine interface by the microcomputer. This type of man-machine interface has a large screen capacity and can store up to 255 display screens. The indicator light and the graphics of the simulated instrument panel constitute the operation control screen, and the simulation process flow and the alarm status screen can also be displayed in the form of graphics and text. The system combines the following interfaces:

(1) Operation control interface: used to operate the operation of the control equipment, with buttons, indicators, pointers or dashboards forming the control interface.

(2) Process parameter setting interface: Under this interface, the process parameter setting and modification operations can be carried out, or a separate operation to record the process parameters can also be selected.

(3) Manual mode operation interface: on this interface, the manipulator operation buttons are designed, and you can click the corresponding buttons to complete the manual operation of the manipulator up, down, left, and right; temperature, concentration, flow subprogram control switches are also designed. , Click on different switches to start or stop the temperature, concentration and flow control of each process tank, and display the corresponding temperature, concentration and flow values ​​at the same time.

(4) Single station operation interface: On this interface, the same temperature, concentration, flow rate and other control switches and display data as the manual mode interface are designed. Each station button is also designed. As long as a certain station button is clicked, the robot arm can automatically run from the current station to the corresponding station, which is very convenient for the process personnel to carry out the process test.

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