Infineon Introduces Dual Sensor Packages for Safety-Critical Automotive Applications

Munich, Germany, October 31, 2014 – Today's electronic power steering systems typically require two sensor chips to reliably and accurately sense steering torque. Thanks to the innovative dual sensor package from Infineon Technologies AG (FSE code: IFX / OTCQX code: IFNNY), ​​only one sensor chip is needed to do this in the future. Infineon's recently announced two family of linear Hall sensors and angle sensors have used this new dual sensor package. It supports ASIL D and reduces physical space requirements and system costs; for example, in steering applications that require high availability, such as for autonomous driving systems. This dual sensor package was developed at the Infineon R&D facility in Regensburg, Germany.

Using innovative stack placement technology, this family of linear Hall and angle sensors combines two separate sensors into a small, standard PG-TDSO package measuring only about 1 mm thick. Instead of using the common practice of placing sensors side-by-side, Infineon uses a patented flip chip technology to stack two sensors. This saves valuable space and cost in safety-critical applications such as electronic power steering (EPS), electronic throttle control, brake pedal position, and brushless applications in areas such as EPS motors, gearboxes and clutch actuators. DC motor control, etc.

This dual sensor package integrates two linear Hall sensors or two angle sensors. Both sensors have separate power supplies and separate signal outputs. The electrical isolation of the two is achieved by means of electrical isolation technology. This means that both sensors work independently, increasing system reliability. This SMD package has 8 or 16 pins. Infineon also offers a single sensor model in this package.

New generation EPS systems with higher ISO 26262 requirements, as well as other safety-critical applications that rely on Hall-effect torque sensors and GMR/AMR (Giant Magnetoresistance/Anisotropic Magnetoresistance) angle sensing, all for sensor redundancy Especially interested. This dual sensor package supports the ASIL D system; Infineon offers ISO26262 documentation and safety expertise to assist its customers, automotive system suppliers, in designing systems that conform to ISO standards.

Ralf Bornefeld, vice president and general manager of the sensing and control business unit at Infineon, said: "The ISO 26262 standard for automotive safety requirements requires sensor redundancy in safety-critical applications such as electronic power steering. Integrating the two sensors into one package, Infineon meets this need for sensor redundancy, highlighting our leading position in the automotive industry with the broadest portfolio of magnetic sensor products on the market. In a compact package that combines two sensors, our customers can reduce their system cost and design a very compact ASIL D system."

Dual sensor package side view

Dual sensor package is the same size as a single sensor

Thanks to the flip-chip mounting technology used in this dual-sensor package, both sensing elements are placed in the same side position and an identical magnetic field can be detected – the system microcontroller can be directly The magnetic fields detected by the two are compared. This flip-chip placement technology enables a very small package size and space-saving board layout. In contrast, placing the sensor side by side in a conventional manner will detect different magnetic fields. This means that this magnetic field must be stronger than a device with a dual sensor package, requiring a larger package, requiring a more powerful and expensive magnet, and a magnetic field deviation caused by the distance between the two sensing elements. The use of more powerful and expensive magnets also increases the design difficulty of fine-tuning the precise magnetic field. With these two sensor families from Infineon, engineers can take advantage of smaller, cheaper magnets without the need for fine-tuning of the magnetic field.

The new PG-TDSO-8 package for linear Hall sensors has the same form factor as a single sensor device, only 4.0 mm x 5.0 mm x 1.2 mm (height included). Infineon also offers angle sensors in the PG-TDSO-16 package (both GMR and AMR). All sensors in a dual sensor package are available in the 40 ° C to 125 ° C temperature range and meet automotive industry quality standards.

Availability of dual sensor package devices

Engineering samples of the linear Hall sensors TLE4997A8D and TLE4998x8D in the PG-TDSO-8 package are available now. It is planned to start mass production at the end of 2014.

Engineering samples of the angle sensors TLE5012BD and TLE5309D in the PG-TDSO-16 package are also available. The TLE5012BD integrates two sensors using iGMR technology, while the TLE5309D integrates an iAMR technology and a sensor using iGMR technology. The production of the angle sensor TLE5012BD is scheduled to begin in late 2014, while the mass production of the TLE5309D is scheduled to begin in mid-2015. Infineon also offers linear Hall sensors and angle sensors as a single sensor solution.

Infineon is a strong partner for sensor applications

With a broad product line, Infineon has 40 years of experience in sensor design and production and has the broadest portfolio of magnetic sensors on the market. Over the past 10 years, Infineon has sold more than 2.5 billion integrated magnetic and pressure sensors. Infineon is the number one supplier of wheel speed sensors and the number one supplier of pressure sensors for side airbags and tire pressure monitoring systems. On average, 20 magnetic and low-voltage sensors are used per car today. Four of them were provided by Infineon. In the EPS market, Infineon also holds about one-third of the market share, ranking first. As a strong partner, Infineon supplies more than 1 million sensors per day to the automotive electronics market.

About Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG, based in Neubiberg, Germany, provides semiconductor and system solutions for the three technological challenges of modern society – energy efficiency, mobility and security. In fiscal 2013 (as of September 30), the company achieved sales of 3.84 billion euros and employs nearly 26,700 people worldwide. Infineon is currently listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: IFX) and the US Over-the-Counter (OTCQX) InternaTIonal Premier (ticker symbol: IFNNY).

Infineon in China

Infineon Technologies AG officially entered the Chinese market in 1995. Since the establishment of the first company in Wuxi in 1996, Infineon's business has grown very rapidly. With more than 1,700 employees in China, it has become an important driving force for Infineon's Asia Pacific and global business development. Infineon has established a complete industrial chain covering R&D, production, sales, marketing and technical support in China, and has carried out in-depth research with leading domestic enterprises and universities in sales, technology research and development, and personnel training. Cooperation.

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