Residential area building night lighting design

Residential area building night lighting design considerations
In addition to a certain design image and design features in the design of residential building lighting, there are many design considerations and details, as follows:
The product's excellent quality and safety performance . In order to achieve the best lighting effect, the latest lighting materials are used in the design, special lighting styles can be customized, equipped with leading light source and electrical appliances to ensure economic and engineering quality and safety performance, and to ensure the convenience of future maintenance work. Sex.
Concealed and safe installation of the luminaire . The color of the lamps is coordinated with the environment, and does not damage the daytime landscape of the residential buildings. The light is not visible, so that the lighting equipment and the original buildings are integrated, so that people can enjoy the perfect architectural art during the day and enjoy the beautiful lights in the evening. night view. In the installation position of the luminaire, it must be considered whether there are safety hazards, especially on the roof plane, window side, balcony, because the roof of some houses is free for children to go up, so for safety reasons, it is best to install it in the hands. A location that is difficult to reach.
Lighting control system . Including circuit control system, lamp color change, dynamic lighting control system, various occasions, time (evening, late night, weekdays, holidays, major festivals) control of different lighting effects, so that the control of the entire night scene lighting is integrated, intelligent ,rationalization.
Glare control . Uncontrolled glare can easily irritate the residents' vision and make people feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when choosing the angle of the luminaire and the installation position, people must take into account the visual position of the people, especially in the glass doors, windows and balconies of residential buildings. When installing the luminaire, the precondition is that it must not affect the life and rest of the residents. When you have this premise, you can sometimes use glare to create some special effects, which produces a good mood.
The operating cost that cannot be ignored is green energy saving . In view of the current development trend of lighting, green lighting and reasonable energy conservation are important factors in measuring the good and bad lighting design, which will inevitably add a brilliant stroke to the lighting project, such as LED, induction lamp, energy-saving lamp and other energy-saving effects. The light source is controlled by time-phase and solar energy and wind power. These are absolute energy-saving design methods.
Residential area building night lighting performance techniques
In fact, all lighting techniques are inseparable from the face, line, point, motion, and static. The exterior wall lighting of residential buildings is nothing but these kinds of performance techniques. It is only required and controlled in the lighting performance techniques. In order to better highlight the night scene effect of residential buildings.
Projection lighting : The main form of surface expression is to highlight the partial elevations, details and representative parts of residential buildings. The floodlighting of residential buildings must pay attention to: use the building facade as little as possible. Large-area floodlights and light-emitting beams must avoid doors and windows, so as not to affect the rest of the indoor residents; use large-area colored light with caution; the main lamps have Flood light , flood light, underground light, underwater light, linear flood light, etc., the light source has a metal halide light source, a high-pressure sodium light source, an LED light source, an energy-saving lamp fluorescent lamp, an electrodeless lamp and the like.
Contour lighting : The representation of the line, which is very different from the projection lighting. It only illuminates the edge of the building, displays the outline image of the building, highlights the three-dimensional and perspective of the building through the outline of the line, but does not represent the building. Daytime color. Applicable places in exterior lighting of residential buildings include architectural outlines, modeling lines of building facades, roofs, and distinctive shapes. Attention should be paid to the contour lighting: the façade installation must not affect the daytime landscape of the building. For safety reasons, it should not be installed in places close to windows, balconies, etc., and must be considered for maintenance and maintenance difficulties. The main contoured lights have neon lights, LED lights, waterproof brackets, fiber optics and more.
Spotlight illumination : the expression of a point. Point light refers to a light source whose illumination range is small and concentrated. It is distributed and arranged into various shapes and patterns by point light, which can express the repeating and cyclic characteristics of the facade structure of a residential building. It can highlight the rhythm of the building. Spot lighting can be arranged to form a linear illumination, and multiple linear illuminations constitute a surface illumination, so it is the basic unit of illumination performance. Point light can be applied to the façade, roof, corner, outline, and building structure nodes of the building. Most of the light-emitting lamps are self-illuminating to achieve the effect, and the light is illuminated by the low-power aurora floodlights. Light to achieve the effect.
Internal light-transmitting illumination : mainly through the light-transmitting property of the glass structure, the inner light-transmitting illumination effect is formed by illuminating the interior space of the glass. In residential buildings, it can be mainly used in stairwells, sightseeing elevators, building roofs and facades in glass-like structures. The light-transmitting illumination is an indirect lighting method, and its light effect is uniform, translucent and crystal-clear, giving a visually comfortable, soft and warm vision. Therefore, this method must consider the use function in the glass space and the installation and maintenance of the luminaire. Various luminaires and light sources can be used to achieve various internal light transmission effects.
Dynamic lighting : There are three main ways of dynamic lighting : the flashing dynamics of light and light, the various dynamics of color changes, the dynamics of the lamp shaking head and the beam shaking. Dynamic lighting was first used mainly in stage lighting systems. Nowadays, the rapid development of the lighting industry is no longer a novelty in the use of various architectural lights; of course, the proper use of residential buildings can be used for special beautification and can constitute The lighting features of the residential building, creating novel ideas, can further stimulate the audience's vitality, romance and other emotions. However, if used improperly, it will cause disordered and messy pictures, which will make the residents of the community irritated and disturbed, thus affecting the rest of the residents' lives. Therefore, dynamic lighting should not be used in the residential building lighting.
Hybrid lighting : Hybrid lighting is a lighting method that combines the above various lighting methods, as well as multi-media methods such as cascading lighting techniques and moonlight lighting techniques. Because of the different nature, location, characteristics, etc. of the various structural parts of the building, this hybrid lighting method is also the most used method in actual engineering. By mixing various lighting methods, the overall lighting environment effect of the residential building is shaped.
The night lighting of residential buildings expands the landscape expression of the community and can display the charm of the urban community around the clock. Only lights can show the architecture at night, in order to interpret the architectural features, and to make the community life extended at night.

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