Apple shuffle headphones change plasticine: start OSTRY Austrian sharp KC08 earbud headphones

With the N-year iphone shuffle original Apple headset finally aging, turned into a plasticine, and touched sticky still touched, can not be used, Mom eggs really did not expect headphones will be aging city like this, or my big apple , okay, change headphones. Finally, a flat earbud with a 599-element Nirvana KC08 was selected. Like the ipod, walking on the flat-headed road does not damage the eardrum, unlike the ear.

The box is very strong, behind the parameters, drive unit 16mm, sensitivity ≥ 105dB, impedance 32Ω,

Accessories include KC08 plug, storage box, storage belt, two sets of sponge cover, instructions,

There are two sets of sponge sets, a set of KC08 customization, a set of common cover, I personally prefer to use full cover, the sound will be more soft, wear a little more comfortable,

I sent a reusable storage tape. I like this.

Storage box opened up and down, the outside feel is imitation skin,

Plug body is a metal frame, the appearance is relatively tough, such hard plastic is not ipod original rubber material I believe will not age into plasticine it, 16mm unit so that the headset is still a little big, to be honest to wear than ipod headset ear, especially I put on a sponge cover and need to adapt.

The headphone cable is relatively long, and there is a splitter in two parts. The split line is glue, and the other part of the wire is wrapped in a woven net.

Plugs and splitters are metal shell, logo type logo, headphones packaging is still quite sincere work, talk about the sound quality, tri-band overall balance, if you do not use sponge cover high frequency is very transparent, but for the singer The timbre reproduction is not true enough, and the leaky low frequency is very bad, and there is no sense of elasticity and lack of sensation. Full cover of the sponge cover and a little go the other extreme, I feel a lot of high frequency was erased, become dark, not transparent enough, or a custom sponge cover effect is better, after all, there are gaps in the middle of the sleeve, the sound is absorbed Block a lot so it's a natural balance. The headset's high frequency is not a type of high, or it is more rounded point, full frequency, low-frequency play pop songs sense of rhythm, and beat a strong elasticity, like drums sound like real, can feel the sense of air, the overall The style is still loose. Anyway, I used to replace the plastic shuffle apple shuffle headphones, first use it.

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