Super Mini Computer Host - Frying Machine for Parents

In fact, this is a long-delayed slogan. It used to be an ITX installed sunsheets, but due to various reasons, I think I bought it and I didn't have time to play with the computer. The time does not add up to 2 hours a week...) and the plan is shelved. Afterwards, considering that the old computer in the old house was broken, and family members had Internet access requirements, they began to consider planning to use computers for home use.

The earliest set of three programs: one machine, assembled desktop, brand minicomputer.

First talk about one machine, home before the broken computer, the monitor is actually quite good, the family read old, feel lost, but to dispel the idea of ​​one machine. Brand minicomputer cost-effective (in fact, is poor), no-name minicomputer configuration is too low, basically the same j1900 ... and most ugly can not see. Assembling desktops is actually the best choice. It is cheap, free, and cost-effective. However, it occupies a relatively large area and is relatively small at home. In order to improve space utilization, the final choice was to assemble a mini-host. In terms of configuration, since it is for the elderly, the stock market generally sees a stock to play a QQ game, and then you can watch a video on the Internet. You can't play a big game at ordinary times, so you plan to use a h81+g1840. The overall budget is controlled. 1000 or so.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------Installation section ----------------------------------- -----------------------------

In the case of the chassis, I chose Metal Gear Plus from Coolfish, and the first thing I can do is to choose E-w60. Finally, I chose the former for the sake of value.

The packaging is still good, the first thick, and the shape is not bad. There are two versions of this chassis, plus and thin. The plus version supports fans up to 40mm, while the thin can only support fans up to 27mm. Of course, the store claims that plus can support i7... I think it's just a big death...

Because I bought a 120w package, so there are many things inside, the seller also sent two stat lines, known as the silver plated ... the actual feeling is like that.

The chassis is generally good at work, that is, there are still some glitches at the connection site, but for this price, it is already quite good.

Power section, 120W line power, also known as silver-plated wire, work is so-so, more general

Motherboard, then I chose Minghao H81L, but there are two models like this, one is the back of usb3.0, there is a front-mounted usb3.0, we should pay attention when choosing.

Although the board is all solid-state, but it is still simple, three-phase power supply, but the price is placed here, but also enough for the use of 1840

Heart: g1840, the entry-level u in the fourth-generation platform, is in a low-performance position on the ladder diagram, but it is more than enough to cope with daily use, and due to the existence of four generations of nuclear, running some games is not an issue. A treasure to buy, no traces of the lid and contacts, should not be on the plane.

The fit is successful. Everyone notices that u and the base have a foolproof mouth. Don't let go and press the cover hard. The pins will bend.

One garbage fan, avc's ultra-thin fan, 18 oceans... for 1840, enough

Combination success. Pay attention to the installation, do not screw the screw part too tight.

Electrical test, once lit.

The hard disk is bought by Jingdong to buy Jinda Kp320, Jiang Bolong's Samsung MLC, and rp. Of course, when I bought it was not so expensive, the recent price increase was particularly severe.

Installed semi-finished products, so it looks like the overall texture is good. Here I dismantled the fan delivered on the chassis, mainly because I bought the board without the interface of the chassis fan, and the chassis fan he sent is 3pin, without speed control, in normal use There is absolutely no need for a chassis fan for auxiliary heat dissipation.

The front and back of the finished product were smoothly affixed to the dust-proof net sent by the business.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------Basic Testing ----------------------------------- -----------------------------

MetalGear Plus 350

G1840 195


AVC Slim Radiator 18

Gold Patek KP320 239

Pennefather 1860 Wireless Kit 69

Swift Wireless Network Card 19

Total 1129... The memory is left before, it's not counted here

Here again to talk about this pit father's hard drive, this kind of hard disk to eat by rp really is not very suitable for me, buy back the test speed and the nominal speed on the web actually actually more than doubled.

Machine test speed

Product declared speed

When I saw this result, I collapsed inside... This is really twice as much. Then I contacted Jingdong on the same day. Jingdong also dealt with it very quickly. When the pit father was actually not directly replacing the door as before, but he had to return to the factory before giving it a new one, or else he could only return and re-order. It is an egg pain.

Home 1840

1820 of someone's home

Entertainment masters run points, about 6W is basically acceptable, but I have found on the Internet to others installed 1820 machines actually can go to 10w ... score difference is mainly the cpu above, do not know the version of the reasons or what reason.

Temperature test

When the stress test is performed, the CPU status is basically 100% full, so basically the limit condition can be reflected. In the case of the highest temperature, the temperature is 70°C. The chassis has started to be hot and the noise is already too big, and it feels like holding a fan. Blowing sounds on the edge. Daily use can basically be maintained between 45-50. The sound of fan work is very small, but it is not muted.

Finally, on the 1840 U, ​​the general reaction on the Internet is that the cpu occupancy rate is very high when watching online videos. This is because the player has no hard solution. Replacing the browser can solve this problem. When watching high-definition video, the occupancy rate is maintained at about 50.

Some browsers have the option to enable GPU acceleration.

Of course, the same is the browser, I have this option in the company, at home to install this option can not find, and it is relatively pitiful thing, encountered this situation, you value your friends to replace the hard solution browser Just fine.

GPU hard solution is not turned on

Turn on GPU hard solution

-------------------------------------------------- -------------- Conclusion ----------- ------------------------ -----------------------------

Generally speaking, this minicomputer is still satisfactory to meet the daily needs of the elderly at home for the computer, but if it is their own machine, if it is not a space requirement, try to still ATX chassis is good, such as the use of ITX chassis, It must do enough work in terms of heat dissipation, or else it can only lead to the summer disassemble the summer installed the day, as for this mini-itx chassis ... no special needs try not to touch, cpu choice, most To i3, it's really hard to stay cool. As for the store's declared support for i7, it's just support... If you really want to be on i7... Then be a heater and use it...

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